Let’s go offline

a day without laughter is a day wasted – Charlie Chaplin

What an extraordinary thought by the great comedian Chaplin. He has explained the value of life in such a short quote. There was a time when we laughed, smiled, giggled and shared our feelings with friends personally. Our friends appreciated our views, liked our ideas and criticized our follies. But now our best friends are the electronic devices – mobile handsets, tablets and laptops. Among the devices, majority of people are glued to their mobile handsets. Their fingers are always tempted towards Whatsapp and Facebook. The addiction for staying connected to social network is stronger than consumption of alcohol and drugs. Today people are more inclined to gain popularity by posting their pictures on Facebook to fetch likes on their status. They want to share their personal details with world, virtually but not personally. As a techno savvy person, even I am lured towards the virtual world. Even I am addicted towards checking my FB status and Whatsapp chats. Isn’t there any way to resist our fingers from staying offline?

Just take a resolution to stay offline one single day without touching your mobile handset, tablet or laptop device. For today’s generation staying offline is more difficult than staying hungry for a day. Though it may be difficult for that particular day, but you will definitely be able to utilize your mind towards bringing your hands together for prayer. Ironically, our hands are more glued to the mobile screen than praying. The prayer is one such activity which can connect you to God without utilizing any cable or wires. But unfortunately, people fall prey to bad online activities than focusing their time on constructive activities like planting water, cleaning house, writing a diary etc.

Secondly, people have time for virtual friends, but no time for their parents. They plan dinner, movies and get together on Whatsapp, but don’t have even an hour to talk with their parents. Just take a time out to talk with your parents and do let them know that you are always for them no matter how busy you are. Sadly, in process of making million friends we disconnect from our true friends – our parents.

Connecting with books is a recreational way to gain new ideas, inspiration than spraining our fingers on meaningless conversations we do on chats. For readers, their books are their best companions. Just take a time out to read any book that suits your interest – fiction or non-fiction. Trust me; nothing is blissful in the world than reading. Reading books is like taking a short vacation and traveling in a wonderland without moving from your place.

In process of befriending new friends on social networks, we often ignore or forget our old friends who really helped us in times of adversity. So utilize that day to give a personal visit to your friend’s house and give him a joyful surprise. Ironically people welcome new friends in their social network, but never in their hearts.

There is a lot to explore, learn, discover and experience in that one single day without staying online. You just have to resist your online activity, but not go overboard.

This article is really a matter of debate whether people will really take a day off from their online activity and enjoy the priceless moments of life. Hope this article will be an eye opener for me and everyone to stay offline for a single day every month. Let’s go offline for the best.

Prashant Badiger


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  1. Arpit says:

    Could not be more agree. Really great post. And being a bookworm, I agree with the fact that nothing better than reading.

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