The Mahabharata quest: Alexander Secret – A fast paced historical thriller by Christopher.C.Doyle

Novel Title – The Mahabharata quest: Alexander Quest
Author – Christopher.C.Doyle
Year of Publication – 2014

alexander secret

Dan Brown’s novel – The Da Vinci Code created quite a sensation in world of literature when it hit the bookstores, attracting every reader towards the fast paced storyline which involved secret societies, riddles, ancient secrets and the inside story of Mary Magdalene. ‘Da Vinci Code’ created a new genre in writing – a formula blending ancient secrets with fast paced action and suspenseful plot. Author Ashwin Sanghi’s novel – Krishna Key belonged to that genre. The Mahabharata secret: Alexander secret is the sequel to the first book ‘Mahabharata Secret’ penned by author Christopher.C.Doyle. This is an unconventional historical adventure which brings a team of intelligence bureau to solve an ancient riddle that revolves around Alexander’s expedition to Indus valley and a divine element that made him immortal.

Synopsis – Alice Turner, an archaeologist becomes a target of a conspiracy when she excavates a thousand years old mummy of a queen. But her excavation adventure becomes a threat to her life when assassins of a secret society chase Alice at every corner in Greece. While in India, Imran Kidwai, an intelligence bureau officer discovers a burnt laboratory filled with corpses. After a close encounter with death, Alice flies off to India to seek help of her friends – Vijay, Colin and Radha. What follows later is a series of action packed chases, horrifying revelation of ancient secrets and a secret society that threatens to use an ancient weapon to destroy mankind. The best part about this novel is the author’s strong research on Alexander’s life and his quest to find an ancient element that would make him immortal. Did Alexander become immortal? What is the secret behind the tomb of mummy? What is the mystery behind the unexplained corpses in the laboratory? Does the intelligence bureau team succeed in solving the riddle connected to Alexander’s expedition to Indus Valley? All these mysteries will be disclosed in the historical thriller – Mahabharata Quest: Alexander written by Doyle. I found this novel more interesting than Da Vinci Code and especially the Alexander connection with the ancient weapon. The other best part about this novel is the author’s intensive research to make this historical thriller more believable and highlighting some of the unknown facts about Alexander we never knew – his mother Olympias’ fascination for snakes, the defeat of Darius- the Persian King and Alexander’s ego which claimed the lives of his own faithful friends – Clitus and the historian Callisthenes.

Filled with action packed sequences and thrilling chases, this novel is like Mission Impossible meeting National Treasure. After reading this novel, my fondness in Alexander history has increased and I am keen to read his biopic right from his rise as a conqueror to his unexplained death due to poisoning.

If you loved reading Da Vinci Code, Krishna Key, Angels and Demons, then you will definitely like this book – Mahabharata Quest: Alexander Secret authored by Christopher.C.Doyle.

Ratings – 10/10


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  1. Zoeb says:

    Very well-written…makes the reader anticipate the book as a classic thriller novel by McClean or Forsyth…

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