Books are our true friends. Really?

When God realized that he couldn’t be everywhere and that’s why he created books. Actually the quote stated ‘When God realized that he couldn’t be everywhere and that’s why he created mother’. As a reader, I feel that a book is like a loving mother who enriches a child’s mind with bedtime stories – Stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Indian History etc. I grew up reading books, living books and further cherished a dream to become a writer and here I am writing this article on whether books are really our true friends? Yes, they really are. Today’s generation is more inclined to reading few lines on Facebook rather than reading a book of 350 pages. Thanks to the arrival of Whatsapp and FB, we have become more inclined to know what is going in other’s life. There was a time, when parents encouraged kids towards reading books like Amar Chitra Katha, Chandamama and Wisdom. But today’s kids are so much hooked to the virtual friendship group that they don’t time for books which in contrary are their real friends.

For an extreme socially active extrovert, books are nothing, but a pile of paper bundled together. He will read the status updates on FB, tweet on twitter and add a pic on Instagram, but won’t read a book. I feel pity for the people who are losing touch with books. Ideally people have misconception that a person who reads books is bookworm, dry and less extrovert. I totally disagree with this view. In fact, a reader is more encouraging, quick to respond and cheerful person who has answer to every query. As a socially responsible writer, I always feel to share my ideas to my friends through my articles published on my blog. I am happy that 1% of my group responds to my article. The rest 99% either doesn’t have time or don’t have inclination towards reading. Through my articles, I care to stay connected to my friends. But the 99% of my group are so much drawn towards socializing that they don’t give a damn to reading.

Whenever I visit bookstores, I am disheartened to see the plight of bookstores which has a very less occupancy day by day. Though Kindle and e-books may be ruling the internet world, but the charm of reading a book is very different. Especially while traveling, I notice people reading the Whatsapp notification, but I hardly notice anyone reading a book. Are we slowly disconnecting ourselves from our reading culture?

Especially during my hard times, when there was no friend to support, I sought solace in company of books after my hard day’s work. These books really inspired me and stood by me whenever I felt deprived of company of friends. Friends will desert you, but books won’t. From Dickens to Amish Tripathi, I read books by authors filled with imagination, action, emotions and inspiration. I have been reading since childhood and will continue reading forever.

Someday when you are left with no friends to offer you company, just visit a bookstore and pick a book. You won’t be alone anymore.


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