Should we stop worshipping stars? – A message by a Fan

‘Mere gharwale samajhte nahin, woh star nahin, duniya hain meri’ – lines from Bollywood movie ‘Fan’


In India; people are obsessive about two things – Cricket and movies. They are patriotic about cricket matches and go gaga over dialogues and whistle over Bollywood songs. Every Friday, the luck of a struggling actor changes as people flock to theater to see the movie. Result!! The struggling actor becomes a successful heart-throb overnight. Who makes these actors star overnight? – The common masses from various walks of life. But the irony part is that this same actor later is not even keen to share a moment with his fans.

The Shahrukh Khan Starrer ‘Fan’ too highlights the struggle of a fan from Delhi (Gaurav played by Srk) to catch a glimpse of his idol ‘Aryan (again played by Srk) who bears a striking resemblance to his fan.

On the eve of his idol’s birthday, Gaurav reaches Mumbai to wish his star.But things aren’t easy as Gaurav had assumed. When meeting his idol becomes a difficult path for Gaurav, he implements wrong means to attract the attention of his idol. This upsets Aryan and later Gaurav is arrested and thrashed by police. Aryan too refuses to acknowledge the admiration of his fan ‘Gaurav who requests for a five minute interaction with him.

This ignorance hurts the sentiments of Gaurav and he vows to seek vengeance against his own idol. What follows later is a game of cat and mouse where Gaurav is one step ahead to malign the image of Aryan. Gaurav nearly succeeds in sabotaging Aryan’s stardom but the climax takes an ugly turn with Gaurav finally meeting his death in the scuffle with his idol Aryan. Had Aryan given his few moments to share a space with Gaurav, the things wouldn’t have been drastic. The movie ‘Fan’ showcases the ugly truth of stardom and how ordinary people fall prey to the illusionary world of movies.

‘Pehle fan star ke peechey bhaagta tha, ab star fan ke peechey bhaagega’ – lines from movie ‘Fan’

There is a moral behind this movie which preaches us to be not over obsessive about movie stars whom we worship as god. We Indians are over emotional in everything, even in matters of movies. There are several instances of female fans writing letters in blood in memory of their favorite actor. One such actor was late Superstar Rajesh Khanna who took Bollywood by storm with his signature moves – tilting his neck. Female fans were too crazy about Rajesh Khanna and the hysteria for him was too overblown that even today’s celebrities don’t have that fan following.

People flock at the residences of their celebrities to catch a small glimpse of their idol. One such residence is ‘Mannat’ the bungalow of Shahrukh Khan. Hundreds of people wait outside the gates of his bungalow every day to catch his glimpse. Shahrukh greets them from his bungalow, waving and showing his signature moves by raising his arms in air. For fans, their celebrities are gods. But in South India, the filmy fever is too intense. The fans even have built temples in respect of their celebrities. Even the fans are larger than life like their idols.

There are even instances of fans committing suicide after hearing the demises of their favorite celebrities. One such recent instance was the suicide of TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee which took the media by storm and left one of her fan committing suicide because she couldn’t take the shock of losing her celebrity.

‘Follow karoon twitter pe, tag karoon Facebook pe, tere quiz mein google ko beat kar diya’ – lyrics from movie ‘Fan’

I really find this silly and exaggerating act of foolishness. Whether it is a cricket player, singer or any Bollywood celebrity, people take desperate steps to vie for their attention. Artists are human too. They too have a family and a personal space. But media and fans are so aggressive to chase them for interviews, autographs and selfies that they cross their limits to share a moment with them.

Nowadays celebrities have their Facebook page and Twitter account which is followed by millions of fans. Celebrities do post their daily updates on their day to day events which gets thousands of likes. They post pictures of their selfies or a group photo with their co-stars and families. The fans who view the online activities of their favorite stars have an assumption that a star’s life is a bed of roses. Unfortunately no one saw the struggle they underwent to gain the stardom. Be it Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar or Rajnikant, every actor has seen the hard days before achieving success in film industry. Acting is not just about talent, it is also patience, luck, hard work and determination.

Admiring a celebrity is ok, but worshipping him like a god is a maniac act. The unfortunate part about our today’s generation is that we idolize the reel heroes but hardly pay heed to the real heroes – our Indian soldiers who are guarding the border day and night.

Every Friday, a movie is released and a new star is created by movie audiences overnight. The movie ‘Fan’ is really an eye opener for the hysterical fans. As long as movies are released, fans like Gaurav will be crowding at cinema halls to watch the movie.

‘Gaurav hai toh Aryan hai, Gaurav nahin toh Aryan kuch bhi nahi’ – lines from movie ‘Fan’

The fame and prosperity of a celebrity depends on the presence of a fan. Imagine if the film industry closes downs? The future of a celebrity will be shrouded in darkness.


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  1. Zoeb says:

    A thought provoking write-up which raises some good thoughts about the nature of fandom. Also a good defense of the movie Fan against the cynics

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