In memories, love lives forever

A 100 year old woman’s memories are revived when she sees a documentary on Titanic. The titanic survivor describes her memories on boarding Titanic, meeting Jack Dawson and witnessing the biggest maritime disaster happened in 1912. Jack drowns in sea while rescuing Rose but his memories are still fresh in heart of 100 years old who is actually Rose Bukater. Titanic’s epic love story is still fresh in memories of every movie viewer. Even though Rose didn’t have photo of Jack, his memories were still alive in her heart. Without memories, life is nothing. This article was in my mind for past 2 months but it was not coming on paper unless I remembered someone close to my heart.

Our memory is only the place where our love is safe, untouched by hate, misunderstandings and ego. The photograph of our love mate has found a place in memory of our mobile phone which we gaze every time for unknown reasons. After all, love has reasons which reason cannot understand. With times, way of remembering love has also enhanced. We now call it digital memories. Whether we store the picture of our beloved in our wallet or in mobile handset, our main purpose is always cherishing the best times we spent.


Irrespective of our heart breaking troubles, responsibilities, failure and melancholy, we take a time out to go down the memory lane where we aspired for a beautiful future with our loved ones. But nature isn’t always in favor of our desires. Hopes shatter, ego arise, love disconnects and what left later is just loneliness. Time does give us courage to arise from our lonely disappointments and we march on to achieve everything that we aspired for. But in the midst of struggle, the best times and the best person is left behind. No matter even if you have a caring life partner and lovely kids, you will always miss the presence of your love with whom you vowed to stayed together till the last breath. Wish if we could have a time machine to go behind the time and connect with our loved ones, the first thing we would have done is to make the time stand still. But objects like time machine are only fantasy we find in books.


Some lovers are so intense that they stay with their partner even after their death. Author Cecila Ahern’s novel – P.S I love you is about the story of Garry and Holly. Holly’s is left lonely after the demise of her loving husband Garry due to tumor. But before dying, Garry leaves 10 letters addressed to Holly during his last months. Each letter is written to Holly encouraging her to start a new career, find a new partner and settle down in her life. The letters infuse a new hope in Holly to start up a new life full of hope. What an extraordinary love. Even after his death, Garry lives with his wife through the letters he had specially written for her. The loving memories of our loved ones always give us a miraculous strength to face the adversities of life lonely.

In the midst of achieving our goals, we lose out on most precious thing – the affectionate presence of our love whose memories gave us encouragement to succeed in life and helped us become a better person. The relationship established with touch of compassion and commonness lasts long while other relationships like wife, kids, uncle, aunty etc are only for name sake. There may come a time when you will be left alone with no one for company and this is where the memories of your smiling love will give you strength to go on.


The idea for writing this article came from the novel – Message in a bottle written by Nicholas Sparks. Everyone is not lucky in matters of love. Some succeed; some live their life remembering their loved ones.

I hope that after reading this article, you will definitely recall your tender memories or call back that person to say ‘I am always there for you’.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zoeb says:

    Beautifully written Prashant….poignant and touching and gushing in romance

  2. Chetan J. Somaiya says:

    Very well described. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.

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