If God was your friend on social network

What If God was on FB, Twitter and Instagram? What would you be your reaction if he accepted your friend request? Life will be easy for you to get your wishes fulfilled without standing in queue at temples. But will God fulfill all your wishes without testing your devotion? Let’s see if God can solve all your queries in a easy way.

In olden times, sages meditated for thousand years to seek a boon from their god. But now when you have God as your friend on FB, your prayers will be answered instantly. Every now and then I see people lining up at temples to offer their prayers to God with a hope to gain some materialistic things in life. The prayers sent from our heart connect with God sooner or later. Since God has so many devotees to bless, our wishes get delayed sometimes. Human being is an impatient species whose desires are endless. The moment he realizes that his prayers are not answered, he starts blaming luck and God for it. Even I get angry on God sometimes.

Now that God has realized that he must find out some way to make life easy, he will create a verified account on FB, Twitter and Instagram. All thanks to Mark Zuckerberg 🙂 Since God is active on FB, the friend list of his devotees will go to zillion. Every second, a new devotee will send a friend request to God with a hope to get his prayers answered. God’s FB messages would be filled with complaints, requests and melodramatic queries (job, marriage, business, a sweet girlfriend or even becoming immortal). The other advantage of God’s online presence would be the end of flourishing business of Godmen and astrologers who keep misleading people with their false predictions and advice.

God would fulfill the wish of every devotee at the click of mouse. The most joyful part of God’s participation in social networking would be receiving weird Candy Crush requests from devotees all over the world. Especially on his birthday, he would be receiving a millions of birthday wishes minus the offerings. The most herculean task for God would be to fulfill a boon in form of a miracle of his countless devotees active on FB, Twitter and Instagram. His updates on miracle would get millions of likes and followers on FB and Twitter.

But in this process, God will realize that somewhere he has lost his significance by making himself available easily on social networks. He will notice that people on earth have stopped struggling, lost the value of emotions and have turned more impatient than earlier. The next day all the devotees will be shocked to discover that God has deactivated all his social network accounts and is no more available online. Now it is time to rebound for human beings.

I had seen the Jim Carrey movie – Bruce Almighty long back and found it interesting to see if a mortal person would have got the divine powers to become god and fulfill all the requests. Being a human is easy, but performing role of God is really herculean and out of our capabilities.

God listens to all our prayers calmly and even fulfills it quickly. But we human beings are so impatient in desires that we don’t notice the miracles happening around us – the gush of life giving air, the cool shower of rains and the beating of heart that keeps us going. God doesn’t need a social network to fulfill our prayers.
The whole world is a social network for him and the people in this world his followers. Just remember God from the bottom of your heart and it won’t take a second to witness a miracle in your life.

With God, everything’s possible. Through this article, I wanted to convey a message that no matter how heart breaking struggles may be, our steps to temple always find a way to him. We will lose the significance of struggle if we don’t stand in queue for tireless hours to get his glimpse.

I hope God will read this article once I publish it on wordpress. Maybe, he will definitely join us on social network someday to answer our prayers a little instantly. After all, it is the Instagram age 


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  1. Zoeb Matin says:

    Good article…again made my mind buzz with thoughts…

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