And then there were none

Novel Title – And then there were none
Author – Agatha Christie
Genre – Thriller/Suspense/Mystery
Year of Publication – 1939

The 2015 BBC mini series is official adaptation of Agatha Chrtistie's novel
The 2015 BBC mini series is official adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel

And then there were none is the most popular suspense novel which has never been out of print since its release in 1939. Originally titled as ‘Ten Little Niggers’, this masterpiece novel was adapted countless times by Hollywood. Agatha Christie’s writing is very tricky which unfolds a new secret in every word and paragraph. If you plainly read the lines, you won’t understand the premise of the novel. Though this novel may be old fashioned compared to present times, but Agatha Christie was away ahead of time in terms of storytelling. The popular TV show – Big Boss seems to be heavily inspired by the premise of this novel where a certain number of celebrities are invited to participate in a reality show. Slowly as the time progresses, the members start showing their actual nature.

Still from the BBC mini series - And then there were none
Still from the BBC mini series – And then there were none

Agatha Christie’s novel brings a group of 10 people from different walks of life, each one unknown to each person. They are invited to an isolated island named ‘Soldier’s Island’ by a mysterious person known as U.N.Owens. To their surprise, they discover that their host is not present on this occasion. But the plot takes a shocking twist when a voice from a gramophone discloses the crime committed by the 10 people present on the island. This leaves all the 10 people baffled and shocked. Cut from the civilization, they have no other way but to stay on the island. Suddenly one of the guests – Anthony Marston gets killed due to choking. Now all the nine guests are surprised by this sudden death of their member. As the story progresses, one by one, each person is brutally murdered on the island and now it is up to the remaining survivors to trace out the killer on the island or figure out who is the actual killer among them.

This novel by Agatha Christie is hailed as one of the best mysterious novels of her career and is even read by millions of readers worldwide. A game changer in world of suspense novels, ‘And then there were none’ boasts of a gripping storyline about 10 strangers who are trapped in a mysterious island and how they fall prey to the psychopath killer who is mingling among them, playing mind games with his victims. Unlike other books, it is not an easy read. To stay gripped to the storyline, you have to read each and every word in the novel which gives a clue on the forthcoming events unfolding in the book. I was baffled every time when I tried to guess the real killer in the book and was more baffled when that suspect got killed in the novel. Highly engrossing from page 1 till the climax, ‘And then there were none’ is an unconventional thriller that will keep you thinking about the plot even after the completion of the book.

Novel cover of Agatha Christie Book
Novel cover of Agatha Christie Book

Though many motion pictures were inspired by the storyline of this novel, but none of them promised to bring the fear that Agatha brought in her novel. The highest and surprising point of this novel its twisting, scary climax that will leave you puzzled.


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