A smiling welcome

Dejected by past numerous interview failures and discouraging work experiences, I had no expectations with the new job offer I had received after undergoing pain-staking rounds of interview with the HR and the creative director. Since it was my first day, I reached one hour prior to the joining time. Since I was only the new joiner that moment, there was no soul around to talk except the peon who offered a glass of water. As the in time arrived, employees started swiping their cards. I was sitting impatiently for the HR to come so that I could complete my formalities of joining. As the HR arrived, I completed all my joining formalities. I think I had some fault in my stars that very first day. While submitting documents and an exchange of words over rules and regulations I landed up in a light argument with the HR manager. The joining formalities ended on a sour note.

Now it is the turn of the system administrator to arrange a personal desktop for me. Again the waiting rounds started. To my surprise, even my sweet heart never kept me waiting on my date. A little nervousness and anxiety was gripping my mind. I was going to be a corporate slave again with a new ID and mountainous responsibilities. The blood sucking vampire hadn’t still arrived – the creative director of the company. Though he looked frail in physique, he was strong enough to drive anyone to suicide through his negative and interrogative talks.

There was a strange commotion of nervousness happening in my mind till it was disrupted by a question. A girl sitting beside my workplace raised that question. She enquired whether I was the new joinee. I was so engulfed in my own anxiety that I didn’t even notice a person working besides my workplace. I anxiously replied that I was the new employee joining the firm. There was a sweet kindness and positivity in her smile that made me feel at home. Her friendly gesture wiped off all the nervousness which I had accumulated in my mind. I not only felt welcomed by her words, but I also had found a new colleague in her. Though there were other people besides my workplace, no one cared to inquire. Usually for the existing employees, the new employee is like an extra-terrestrial being landed mistakenly on earth.

After the arrival of my team lead, I attended the meeting with my new team mates. Though I was feeling alone for the lunch, the group with whom I had joined the lunch gave me a friendly welcome by sharing their lunch and gulping my lunch bites too  the first day ended on a smiling note. The people had a friendly vibe and that reflected in their kindness. I came back home on a happy note, sharing my first day experience about the person who made me feel happy on my very first day. But in this midst, I forgot to thank the friend who gave me a smiling welcome. I think that person’s presence was a godsend. I really thanked God for it. He is always creating some little miracles, letting me know he is always there for me.


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