Hilarious filmy formula

‘Beta aaj maine tumhare liye aaj gaajar ka halwa banaya hai’ – iconic lines from Bollywood movies.

These dialogues and the delicious ‘gaajar ka halwa’ (a sweet dessert made from carrot) reflect the unconditional affection of a filmy mother for her son who has happily returned after bagging a job. Nowadays I hardly get to see or hear such emotional scenes that were once a benchmark in Bollywood. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane at the hilarious dialogues, situations and scenes that made every Bollywood movie a success at the box-office

1) Getting separated at childhood – 

Brothers and sisters getting separated at fair or in trains was the most used formula in Bollywood. Especially they used to get separated when the villain killed the hero’s father and kidnapped one of the kids. These same brothers are grown up as heroes. Needless to say, one is a cop while other is a thug. After some dramatic situations, these both the heroes realize that they are real brothers separated at a ‘Mela’ (fair). ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Yaadon Ki Baarat’, ‘Rampur Ka Lakshman’, ‘Haath Ki Safaai’ were some of the movies that were highly successful at the box office. To add more drama, one of the heroes would take the bullet on himself to save his family.

2) Revenge dramas – 

A hero isn’t a hero unless he fights a bunch of goons hired by the villain in the godown styled house. The 70’s and 80’s Bollywood revenge movies had a hero with a happy family. The kid aspires to become a cop when he grows up.
But situations aren’t in his favor. His father and mother are miserably killed by the villain. Either the hero’s father was a witness to the crime committed by the villain or he was a union leader fighting for rights of workers in a mill company. (This formula was successfully used in movie ‘Deewar and Zanjeer’).

Circumstances force the hero to become a criminal and in the climax he ends up taking revenge. The most hilarious part of revenge movies was the romance between the hero and the villain’s daughter. God knows why the hero always ends up loving the beautiful daughter of villain.

3) Adorable Bollywood moms – 

‘Mera paas maa hai’ – these were the iconic lines spoken in the movie ‘Deewar’ which went to on become epic in history of Indian cinema. Bollywood moms were always doting, affectionate, and hyper-emotional who would even scold God’s idol in temples. From sewing clothes at night to working as labour at construction sites, Bollywood moms sacrificed their personal interests so that their son would get educated as a cop, lawyer or doctor. But to her surprise, the hero always chooses a rich man’s daughter as his wife. To add more drama to the plot, the daughter is actually the daughter of the villain. But this Bollywood mom keeps her hatred aside to accept the daughter as her ‘Bahu’. These Bollywood moms are the first target of the villain for kidnapping. Sometimes these moms are even killed by the villains.

If we hadn’t Bollywood moms, the heroes wouldn’t have found the goals in their life – to grow as cop, beat the villains, romance the heroine and relish on gaajar ka halwa and besan ke ladoo made by his mother.

3) Bollywood sisters –

 God knows why are the sisters are the first targets of lecherous villains like Ranjeet, Gulshan Grover, Sudhir and Shakti Kapoor. The sexually hungry villains always prey for hero’s younger sister. Between the clash of the hero and the villain, it is the hero’s sister who pays the price by getting gang-raped. To add more intensity to the movie, she gets molested either on Raksha Bandhan or day prior to her marriage. Unfortunately at such situations, the hero is never present. (Either he is too busy romancing his heroine or has gone to buy a rakhi). Mostly the villains were either the lusty zamindars or the rapist grocery owner.

Needless to say, she commits suicide by jumping from the building or by throwing herself in front of a running train. To avenge the death of his ‘Pyaari Behna’, our hero even turns into a dreaded dacoit called ‘Shera’, ‘Jwala’ or ‘Laakhan’. Sadly, nowadays such melodramatic and ‘bechari’ sisters no longer exist in today’s movies.

4) Love stories –

 Two heroes falling for same heroine was a successful formula tried for zillion times in Hindi movies. In first situation, two friends love the same heroine.
Friend number 1 realizes that his other friend too loves her. The friend number 1 sacrifices his love for friend number 2. If the friend is like Rajendra Kumar, you may stand a good chance to bag the hot babe  Rajendra Kumar was popularly known for sacrificing his love.

In second situation, the first hero accidentally dies only to come miraculously alive after interval. Now the heroine is left figuring out in puzzle. Should she go back to hero number 1 or stay happily with hero number 2. In both cases, one of the heroes must die (either by drinking poison or die fighting with the villain)

5) Stone-hearted Father-in-law/Heroine’s father – God knows why a rich businessman’s daughter always falls for a poor mechanic or an unemployed hero who lives with caring & sanskaari parents like Alok Nath and Nirupa Roy.
Initially after some disagreeable arguments, the rich man decides to meet the poor hero. The hilarious part about the scene is that the rich man is always ready with a blank cheque to offer it to the poor hero. I wonder if the rich man was working earlier in a Janta Sahakari Bank  Instead of accepting this attractive offer, the hero talks of ideals, values and gives a good lecture on love to the rich old man. (Seriously I would have ditched my GF for this lucrative offer. These roles of stone hearted businessmen were played by popular actors like Pran, Pinchoo Kapoor and Madan Puri.

6) Sanskaari Babuji/Idealistic Bollywood father –

 From Balraj Sahni, Satyen Kapoo to A.K.Hangal and Alok Nath, Bollywood fathers are highly respected for their ideals, values and traditions. Surprisingly at salary of 1000, this Bollywood father was competent enough to feed his four children and wife. Fondly called as ‘Babuji’, the idealistic dad would never want his son to become rich by earning through wrong means. Obviously this would lead to clash between the idealistic, sanskaari father and the son of modern values. This idealistic father will never sacrifice his ideals even for lakhs of rupees.

 No matter how worse the situations may be, Babuji will never bow down before anyone. In the climax, the hero finally bows down before Babuji and carries on the legacy of ‘Sanskaars’.
Sadly, these Bollywood formulas are getting extinct day by day. I just wanted to refresh the memories of old school Bollywood by writing this article on the successful storylines and characters created by Hindi cinema’s filmmakers. Hope someday these Bollywood formulas will make a comeback someday.


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  1. Zoeb Matin says:

    Hahaha…hilarious….totally loved this whimsical tribute to the cliches of Bollywood movies and frankly very amazed by the sheer wealth of facts here….just wanted to say that one of the other films that had the same separated children concept was the classic caper ‘Johnny Mera Naam’…great one, Prashant

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