The untold story of Captain Vijayant Thapar

Kargil war wasn’t just a battle between two nations; it was a tragic loss for India to lose great army officers like Padmapani Acharya, Manoj Pandey, Vikram Batra and several unsung soldiers whose sacrifice hasn’t saw the light of day. In the midst of Kargil war, a compassionate soldier showed a helping hand towards a 6 years old girl who had lost her speech due to a personal tragedy. This soldier was Captain Vijayant Thapar who not only laid his life at Kargil war, but also turned a guardian to a girl. This is an extraordinary story of compassion, kindness which will definitely inspire us to extend our support towards the needy ones.

An iconic photo of Captain Vijayant Thapar during his posting at Kargil war
An iconic photo of Captain Vijayant Thapar during his posting at Kargil war

Captain Vijayant Thapar and his team were stationed at a school in Kandi village. Even in the midst of stressful battle hours, Captain Vijayant Thapar would take a time out to connect with the kids of school. Here he met Rukhsana, a 6 years old girl who had lost her vocal powers due to a shocking tragedy. Through the school’s principal, Vijayant came to know that Rukhsana’s father was shot down by unknown foreign mercenaries. This tragic loss was too heavy to bear for this child. She not only lost her speech, but also withdrew herself from other people. After listening to this sad plight of this child, Captain Vijayant and his friend Sepoy Jagmal Singh Shekawat would offer her sweets and toffees. Captain Vijayant had formed a bond of affection with this little girl Rukhsana. For Rukhsana, Vijayant was more than a god-send angel.

Before his final confrontation at Kargil war, Vijayant had mentioned about Rukhsana to his parents in the letter and had also requested them for a monetary help to be provided to this girl. Maybe, Captain Vijayant Thapar had a premonition of his martyrdom and so in his final letter he had poured his affection to his family. The letter turned out to be the last letter of Captain Vijayant Thapar. But before dying, he also cared to see that Rukhsana was provided a monetary support.

Captain Vijayant Thapar attained martyrdom on 29th June 1999 while fighting with the invaders. Captain Thapar and his company were assigned to capture the point ‘Tololing Knoll’ from the invaders. The skirmish with invaders cost the lives of many courageous officers like Captain Padmapani Acharya. In this bloody battle, Vijayant Thapar was hit by explosives. This brave hero breathed his last.

Captain Vijayant Thapar was awarded the ‘Vir Chakra’ posthumously. As promised, the parents of Vijayant have been providing a monetary support to Rukhsana. The kindness of Captain Vijayant Thapar not only restored the vocal powers of Rukhsana, but also gave her a hope to lead a happy life, blessed with education. The little Rukhsana is now happily pursuing her education at a government school. The parents of Vijayant Thapar met Rukhsana and gifted her mobile phone so that she can stay in touch with them.

‘By the time you get this letter, I will be observing you all from the sky enjoying the hospitality of angels…donate some money to an orphanage and keep giving Rs 50 to Rukhsana a month.’ – Excerpt from the letter written by Captain Vijayant Thapar.

A rare pic of little Rukhsana and Captain Vijayant Thapar during Kargil war
A rare pic of little Rukhsana and Captain Vijayant Thapar during Kargil war

Rukhsana still remembers her soldier friend who not only befriended her, but also gave a lease of life to her shattered dreams. For Rukhsana, Captain Vijayant was an angel who came to earth to restore happiness in her life. Really, soldiers are true heroes. Even in his final moments, Captain Thapar thought about the future of this child. Though movie stars earn crores of rupees through endorsements, they hardly pay a heed to lend a helping hand towards needy ones.

I salute the courageous spirit of Captain Vijayant Thapar and all the brave soldiers who took bullets on their heart to safeguard the nation’s front from enemies. There are still many stories of unsung soldiers which are waiting to be known to the world.
This article was a small effort from my side to bring you the story of Captain Vijayant Thapar. It was a great honour writing this story.


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  1. Zoeb Matin says:

    Just beautiful…while the last two write-ups on Kargil heroes were great military adventures, this one is filled with poignancy and humanity and shows us the compassionate side of our guardians….well-done again, Prashant

  2. Chetan J. Somaiya says:

    No words to describe, just big salute to the Captain Vijayant Thapar and other Jargil heros. Wonderful writing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Shruti says:

    Even if you died in the service of nation,I would be proud ur every drop of blood contribute to the nation’s development… military parents have the honor to love a hero ,they have that courage to let them go and a commitment to support them salute to parents..,.to be a soldier one need to have a special gene , something extra after all it’s un imaginable to most of us because we are not enough brave like vijyant thapar a pure soul ….. RIP

    1. Er. Vipul Singh says:

      He..never dies…in our Heart..Big salute to Vijayant Sir.

  4. Vid says:

    Thank you for sharing these extra ordinary moments of an extraordinary gentleman… Vijayant…
    These are truly special souls …
    It’s an honor to be living in the same country ….As these brave souls …

  5. Venkatesh Narayan says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful facet of a soldier’s personality. Perhaps more than others, they value human lives and dignity. Captain Vijayant Thapar is truly an officer and a gentleman. I am using the present tense because he is immortal.

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