200 articles, 7 years – What next?

Today my wordpress blog reaches the mark of 200 articles. Should I rejoice or think what the next story has kept in store for my readers? What just started as a mere writing activity in 2009 on wordpress flourished into a compilation of 200 inspiring articles. May be my accomplishment is very small compared to other writers who write and publish their stories every day.

This journey was not easy. This blog writing journey has faced many trials of failures, heartbreaking rejections, criticism and tragic incidents. Many people had suggested me to quit writing. Some had even opinion of my writings that it lacked spice. They were right. My articles lacked spice because I am not a paparazzi columnist or a magazine writer who writes sizzling stories on celebrities and their raunchy affairs. That is not my forte. I believe in writing that is simple to understand and easy on mind. The comments that my readers and friends have poured in my blog has kept my fingers moving.

In dark hours of rejections, I thought of giving up writing. Our abilities are God’s gift to us. What we achieve through our abilities is a return gift to God. God never wants us to rust our skills. Since this writing skill was God’s boon to me, I couldn’t forsake this skill. As my blog post reaches mark of 200 stories, I feel this journey was worth taking.

After 7 years of blog writing, it is time to re-think what next will I offer to my readers? That’s a huge responsibility on my shoulders to live up to my expectations as an inspiring writer who writes motivating and entertaining stories. Hope God gives me strength to continue this writing journey with more zeal and gusto. It is time to head back to my writing table and see which story is waiting for me.


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  1. Zoeb Matin says:

    Just perfect….this is like a wonderful summation of an exciting, eventful run as a writer and a blogger….this is what I can fully relate to…and it further gives me an idea to write something myself. Well done Prashant..you are a great writer and keep on writing, keep on telling us great tales and you will be really memorable…

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