Understanding the myth behind the Monday blues

Monday. A fresh new start after a lazy weekend. But why majority of office going people are scared, bored and tired of waking up on Monday? Monday, a day more terrifying than apocalypse, dooms day and tsunami. This is what every office going person thinks. Especially on Monday, office going people get late to arrive in office.

monday-blues 1

The moment they settle down in desk, their inbox is bombarded with countless mails that will make their head spin. Boom!!!!! The day itself will start with meetings – reporting to team lead, hearing criticisms, plan for week and scuffle with team members on assigned tasks. The day continues with stressful hours, sipping tea and working till 8.30 or 9. This is the scenario of mourning Monday. Is Monday really that scary day or have we magnified it with our inner fears? Frankly speaking, Monday is just another day of seven days week. After relaxing for two days, our mind is not mentally prepared to start for work. It’s just normal. It is not the fear of Monday that scares us but the approach of people around in the workplace that makes it tiresome.

Majority of team leads in a corporate environment treat their team like a working machine. Bombardment of criticism is one factor that drains the enthusiasm of an energetic employee. No matter how he excels in work, he is always underrated. This is the scenario of every employee working in a corporate firm. He swallows the insult like a poison and keeps on working without showing any grudges or resentments. If a workplace is full of encouraging ambience, the employees will be willing to work beyond the call of duty. The work pressure on employees is so stressful that every day seems like Monday. If an employee gets an encouraging feedback even for his small accomplishments, the Mondays won’t be terrifying anymore. This is the first scenario of the Monday blues.

monday blues 2

Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents look scarier than nuclear weapons on Monday mornings. The reason is our negligence or procrastination. Majority of people push their Friday works to Monday. Result is chaos, confusion and stress. Why push the work for tomorrow which you can complete it today? Organizing and planning in work will surely put your schedule on a peaceful pace. You don’t have to work in a hassle. Once you accomplished your work on Friday, Monday will give you space to plan your next objectives, share your ideas with your team mates and have a great time.

For those who hate working on Monday, the day is more horrifying than Conjuring or natural disasters. Seriously, Monday is the beginning of happiness, recreation, action, motivation and joy. Sadly, we count our troubles more than our blessings.
It is the weekday that gives us our butter and bread. There is no happiness in the world than getting your salary credited on 5th or 7th of the month. So, let’s enjoy the weekend and drive away the Monday blues.


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  1. Zoeb says:

    Very nicely written…nails down every worker’s feelings about Monday and also suggests some ways as to how to cope with Monday blues….

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