A soldier’s love story

Far away from the cities, surrounded by hills, icy mountains, a soldier is always awake on the battle front guarding the border from the enemies. Braving all the odds, he never blinks an eye. I wonder what keeps these melancholic soldiers going so strong. The memories of his family, his beloved keep him motivating to guard the nation. The photograph of his sweet heart – (it may be his wife or a long lost soul mate) which keeps him closer to her.

A photo of Captain Vikram Batra during his posting at Kargil War
A photo of Captain Vikram Batra during his posting at Kargil War

While I was researching data while preparing for a story on Kargil war, I came across a love story that stood the test of time in hours of pain, separation and tears. This story is of late Captain Vikram Batra, the Great War hero of Kargil and his soul mate Dimple. Vikram had met Dimple during his college days at Punjab University. It was love at first sight. After completing his graduation, Vikram applied for IMA. During his training in military, Vikram kept in touch with her via letters and phone.

Vikram was committed to his love. He had made a vow that once the Kargil war is over, he will get married to Dimple. But this love was short-lived. After capturing point 5140, Captain Vikram Batra was assigned to capture the peak – point 4875. This battle for conquering 4875 turned out to be the last battle of Captain Batra. He died while conquering point 4875 from the intruders. He took bullet on his heart for his team mate. Captain Vikram Batra breathed his last on 7th July 1999 on the soil of Kargil. His death was a big tragic blow to his family and Dimple who awaited his return. He did return, wrapped in tricolor flag. His twin brother Vishal Batra couldn’t gather up the courage to reveal the news of Vikram’s martyrdom to Dimple.

Dimple attended the funeral of Captain Vikram Batra. It was the last time she was seeing him. Dimple decided never to get married. She still lives on, dedicating her life to teaching and keeping Vikram Batra’s memories safe in heart. The cupboard of Dimple is adorned with letters and gifts Vikram had presented her.

Really in memories, love lives forever. I salute Captain Vikram Batra and his undying love for his country. I even respect the commitment of Dimple who dedicated her life in memories of Vikram.

Anuj Nayyar was one more soldier in Kargil war who had high hopes to get married once he returned back from war. Anuj and Vikram Batra were posted in the same regiment and were great friends. Before heading for his mission of capturing 4875, Anuj requested his senior officer to keep the engagement ring safely with him. He never wanted his engagement ring to fall in the hands of enemy. Anuj was recently engaged. The senior officer kept Anuj’s engagement ring with a prayer for safe return of Anuj. Sadly, Anuj Nayyar died on 7th July 1999 while capturing point 4875. A heavy grenade hit Captain Anuj and he breathed his last remembering his love. Captain Anuj never returned to take back the ring.

Photo of Captain Anuj Nayyar
Photo of Captain Anuj Nayyar

My eyes were wet with tears when I read these two stories. What a commitment!! Nowadays I hardly see such passion and commitment in relationships. Today love happens on Facebook and ends on Whatsapp. Whenever I feel melancholic, I gaze at the photograph of my sweetheart who is no more with me. Though I am in office, I feel like a soldier stationed at border. I recount the beautiful moments I spent with her. I aspire to be a soldier someday in my next lifetime and wish to have the same sweetheart waiting for my return from war.

I hope after reading these two inspiring stories of love and commitment, you all will stay committed to your relationships and remember the great heroes who fell on battlefield for our nation. Love lives forever in memories.


6 Replies to “A soldier’s love story”

  1. That opening paragraph itself is one that will break your heart spectacularly…what a write-up man, one of your best Prashant…poignant, sublime and so emotional

  2. Jai hind the kargil heroes will live forever in every Indian’s heart…salute to all #shahadees and all respective heroes…

  3. my heartiest condolance to capt Anuj Nayyar and Capt Vikram Batra who laid their lives for the nation.God please give courage to their families.
    Jai Hind Vande Mataram.

  4. Love wins…
    I don’t know being a gf of a soldier what should i expect from him…. I think I’m fortunate enough to have him in my life … Yeah it is tough when you r waiting for someone and you don’t even know that the person is fine or not…. I can only hope that my man is standing strong and guarding our nation…. And my commitment to him is my only hope .. I’d wait for him until he’ll not come to home..
    My love my hero my soldier…..

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