Why friendly bonding doesn’t work in corporate world?

The Corporate world is a jungle where beasts in garb of qualified people are ready to rip you apart. Our human world though may be civilized with intelligence of its own, but fact is that the brutal jungle laws are followed in day to day life. You cannot trust anyone. The moment you step out of college and enter the brutal world of corporate, you are pitted against cunning, manipulative and crafty people who claim to be your friend. If you think your friendly, approachable nature will work in corporate sector, then you are wrong. 99% of people in corporate world are mean, opportunists and gossip mongers. This article is based on my own personal experience that I had encountered during my early years.

The people working in office come from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life. Thus it becomes a challenge for a person to mingle among them. It is not easy to blend among them. When a team lead appoints a bunch of people for a particular project, egos of the team members are sure to clash. Every time, one or other clashes happen on project delivery, queries, miscommunication and ego. The blame game is full on in such situations. The clashes happen because there is no mutual understanding among the co-workers. The people working in a team don’t take responsibility for their follies and thrust their flaws on others. I have personally been witness to such instances where I had to take scolding for other persons’ folly. Then there are other types of species who pretend to be sweet, but are cunning in their motives. This is the category of the back-stabbing opportunists who will use your friendliness to their best and forget you in a second once their purpose is achieved.

In a fit of innocence, we try to help people but repent later on our foolishness of recognizing people. The bond that we form with our school & college friends doesn’t work in corporate firm. The reason is that you come together with bunch of people for a particular project or a specific time. Bond does form between you and people.

Unfortunately this bonding is short-lived. Once the project or work tenure is over, people move on. There is no place and time for emotional bonding. 99% of office colleagues never stay in touch. Every person in the industry wants to grow, excel and lead in corporate world and that’s the reason why there is no place for friendly emotions.

I personally feel that one should never confide his or her feelings to anyone in workplace. The people working in workplace are mostly gossip mongers and are always hungry to share someone’s feelings to the whole organization. In such instance, your feelings will be a subject of gossip or mockery among people.

There are also some instances where your friendliness and approachable nature will be mistaken for being opportunist, flirty or too much over-friendly. Friendly rejections and cold behavior of office people will turn you cynical, withdrawn, pessimistic and inferior.

We approach the world according to our emotions and expect the same response. This is where we fail. The safer side to surviving in corporate world is to stay focused to work goals and maintain a balanced communication only related to your work.

The points mentioned in this article are based on my experiences, views and thoughts while working in corporate sector. It may tend to differ from person to person. Hope someday the scenario of corporate world will definitely change with friendly giggles and encouraging exchange of ideas.


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