And people say ‘Men have no heart’

Those women who say ‘Men have no heart’ or ‘All men are same’ should read this article. After reading this article, I am confident that 99% of the views about ‘male’ will change. When God created Adam and eve, little did he realize that one day his creation ‘Adam’ will be scorned, criticized, insulted and ridiculed by world. From the day one, the species of male is born in the world; he is born to suffer the horrifying atrocities. From obeying his mother to paying the shopping bills of his wife, man is a round the clock working robot. Only this robot has a heart. The society is divided between two species – Man and woman. People have labeled this world as male-dominated society. Is it really? Those who say men considered women as inferior are really wrong. It was Mahatma Jyotirao Phule who advocated, supported the cause of education for women. He not only started schools for women, but he also encouraged his wife Savitribai to educate herself and spread the importance of education for women. Hadn’t Raja Ram Mohan Roy protested against the sati practice, then every woman would have been burnt to death along with her dead husband.

Today woman is successful in every sector. All thanks to Jyotirao Phule. Though woman has found her own identity in so called male dominated society, there is a 1 % section of women who have turned manipulative, crafty, opportunists, ignorant and heartless. Those people who say men are heartless should notice that majority of cases of depression in asylums are due to rejections of love by women. In terms of emotional factors, men are more sensitive and ready to tolerate tantrums thrown by women. Women use men as emotional toy for their personal interests and selfish motives. Once the selfish motive is achieved, she turns away from her dedicated admirer to search for another emotional victim.

Especially in India, laws are favorable for women and give her right to charge alimony from her husband. Divorce happen due to misunderstandings, lack of communication and infidelity. It is not that every man is unfaithful. When it comes to seeking divorce for woman, the court law is very lenient towards her while the man has to pay the required amount demanded by his wife. Isn’t this injustice? If a man scolds his wife, he is wrong and if a woman scolds her husband, she is right. Society only sees the scolding part but never see the reason behind it. If a man gives a certain amount of his salary to his wife for monthly spending, he takes care that the fixed amount is utilized for essential things. But there are wives who lavishly spend money on luxurious things and the whole month’s budget goes haywire. Quarrel is sure to happen. Who is to blame? The man of the house with low income or the wife with high expectations. In country like India, sparks of hate do set the house on fire and it is the man who takes blame on himself for maintaining the domestic peace.

From bringing vegetables to taking his family for holiday trips, the man does every job with honesty, dedication and affection. Still, he is mistaken as heartless man. From standing in admission queue for his kids to pampering the in-laws, man does everything to keep his family happy. So why only man is considered stone hearted?
Though he gives his entire salary to his wife on 5th of every month, he still has to borrow money from his wife for commuting. His advices are considered out-dated by his kids. In old age, he has to rely on children for his medicines and food.

If we take a glimpse at mythology, it was the man who has sacrificed his life to fulfill his promise. Bhishma took oath of celibacy and even gave up his personal interests to see his father happily married with Satyavati. Even Karna gave his armour to God Indra so that Arjuna is survived in the battlefield. He had given his promise to Kunti that her five sons will survive in Kurukshetra war despite knowing that it was the same Kunti who had abandoned him after his birth. Even Lord Rama went to exile for 14 years only to fulfill the promise given to his father. Who can forget Eklavya the great archer who cut off his thumb and offered to Guru Dronacharya as Guru Dakshina. And people say men have no heart.

People celebrate Woman’s day to salute her feminine spirit but no one celebrates Man’s day. This article isn’t meant to demean woman or criticize her, but to emphasize that man is not heartless as one thinks. If you think this article is biased, then feel free to share your comments.


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