Bahubali – The Rise of Sivagami (Novel Preview)

Novel – Bahubali: Rise of Sivagami
Author – Anand Neelkantan
Publishers – Westland Books
Release date – 7th March 2017


Director S.S.Rajamouli’s magnum opus blockbuster – Bahubali will soon be adapted for novel. This spectacular fantasy movie’s prequel will be authored by writer Anand Neelkantan, the famed author of best sellers like Ajaya & Asura. Unlike the movie, this novel will be more detailed and trace the story of Amarendra Bahubali, Bhallaldeva, Kattappa and the fierce queen Sivagami. The first part in this series will be titled – Rise of Sivagami and will be based on Sivagami, the mother of Bhallaldeva and foster guardian of Amarendra Bahubali. The movie Bahubali: The beginning began with the wounded Sivagami protecting an infant child from the soldiers and her death by drowning in the sea. The book will throw a light on her rise as a courageous queen and her journey to seek vengeance with her sworn enemy, the king of Mahishmati.

Prior to starting the project on Bahubali, director S.S.Rajamouli had conceptualized a character called ‘Sivagami’ and was planning to make a sole movie on her. As the story further developed, it evolved into an epic storyline – Bahubali. Sivagami is a fusion of several strong mythological characters like Amba, Kunti, Sita and Draupadi. The Rise of Sivagami is first book in the Bahubali trilogy and it will be really intriguing to read the story of Amarendra Bahubali and why he was slain by Kattappa? As for now the storyline of the book is kept in wraps.

The cover of this upcoming novel was unveiled by actor Rana Duggubatti and director S.S.Rajamouli at Jaipur literary festival 2017 in presence of writer Anand Neelkantan.

The role of Sivagami was played by actress Ramya Krishna in the movie – Bahubali

The cover of this upcoming book has generated lot of curiosity among readers on social networks. For the readers who love fantasy and mythology genre, the Bahubali series will be a literary treat. The movie Bahubali had created a buzz even before its release and was much searched movie on Google. Bahubali: The conclusion is set for release in April 2017, the final chapter in the movie series.

Actress Ramya Krishna as Sivagami in the movie - Bahubali : The beginning
Actress Ramya Krishna as Sivagami in the movie – Bahubali : The beginning

Fantasy books like Harry Potter and Game of thrones have created curiosity even before their release in foreign nations. With the release of Bahubali in book stores, I hope that readers as well as the fans of Bahubali movie will definitely queue up in bookstores to read the origins of Mahishmati.


If you have enjoyed reading King Arthur, Lord of the rings, Percy Jackson, you will definitely like the Bahubali novel series authored by Anand Neelkantan.


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  1. Zoeb says:

    A very intriguing preview for what should be the grand start to a very Indian and yet very spectacular franchise of epic cinema and storytelling

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