Does nation really needs a law abiding Jolly LLB?

“The lawyer with the briefcase can steal more money than the man with the gun.” – lines from the crime novel ‘The Godfather’

This quote from crime novel ‘The Godfather’ holds true for the corrupt practices happening in law system. It is easy for a Don to fill the pockets of a crafty lawyer and get his goons released on bail in the nick of time. But is every lawyer corrupt? Recently advocate Harish Salve was in news for charging Rs 1 to fight the case for Kulbushan Jadhav. This case is in headlines on social networks. The biggest victory for justice was the death sentence for all the convicts who brutally raped and killed Jyoti Singh ‘Nirbhaya’. Justice is delayed but never denied.

The Jolly LLB movie series has created its own new franchise. The Akshay Kumar starrer – The state VS Jolly LLB2 has a lawyer Jolly fighting case against fake police encounters. The courtroom drama is a satirical take on the judicial system where reputed lawyers have their own special packages (Silver, Gold, and Premium) to fight cases. A struggling assistant lawyer Jagdishwar Mishra fondly known as Jolly cheats a pregnant woman with an assurance that his senior lawyer will fight her case. He even charges 5 lakhs from her. When the truth is revealed, the pregnant woman commits suicide. From that point, Jolly’s conscience awakens and he goes to the depth to seek justice for his deceased client. Jolly is pitted against a powerful corrupt lawyer Pramod Mathur (played by Anu Kapoor). How he seeks justice forms the crux of the film. The verbal wars in the courtroom are humorous, hard hitting where evidences are manipulated, forged and witnesses bribed.

Justice is delayed but never denied and Jolly finally wins the case with convincing arguments. In movies, justice is sought easily but reality is harsher than the fiction. Today there are lakhs of cases pending in the court waiting for justice. It is easier for a rich tycoon to bail out his spoilt kid. On the other side, a poor man can’t afford to pay money for even one proceeding.

The infamous hit and run case was an inspiration for the makers to pick the topic for the first Jolly LLB movie which had Arshad Warsi playing the lawyer Jolly. It highlighted the sick mindset of the rich masses who never bother to care about the poor working people staying on footpath. There are many cases pending on some spoilt celebrities who have crushed poor people under their car wheels in a drunken state. Will these white collar criminals be ever brought to justice?

Nation really needs a law abiding lawyer like Jolly LLB who will fight the cases for the poor and the needy. This article is an appeal to God to seek justice for the oppressed through his judgement.


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