Guns and heroes – My list of best Hollywood action movies

There is an old saying that action speaks louder than words. A clenched fist with a punch is enough to bring a ruffian to his senses. Action has created a new genre in movies and its own group of audience who whistle when the hero knocks down a bunch of goons in one blow. Though Hollywood action movies are larger than life, they definitely have inspired lots of young masses to imitate their onscreen idols. This article is a compilation of the best action movies I thoroughly enjoyed.

1) Rambo – Rambo: First Blood gave birth to a new action icon – John Rambo, a Vietnam soldier wronged by his own people. Sylvester Stallone became a rage, an icon after the success of Rambo 1, 2 and 3. The action sequences in Rambo 2 were aesthetically choreographed, giving a rawness and realism to violence. I am a die-hard fan of Rambo Series and the way he welded his bow to shoot fire arrows on his enemies sends goosebumps to every action lover. After several years, Rambo is still a cult movie in action genre

2) Commando – The posters of Commando movie were a rage in 80’s and late 90’s. Arnold became a cult hero with movies like Commando, Terminator: Judgement day, Total Recall and Red Sonja. Commando is my favorite pick in this action list for the amazing action sequences choreographed in the movie. How Arnold goes to the end of the world to rescue his daughter from the terrorists and single handedly brings down the whole army of baddies is best to seen on the silver screen. I clapped and whistled at the action scenes, bringing out the best of Arnold’s moments on screen.
Seeing is believing. Rent a DVD to enjoy this cult action movie that will bring out the Commando in you.

3) Die hard – NYPD Cop John Mc Clane (Bruce Willis) is the wrong man at the wrong time in Die Hard movie. This flick brought out the action hero in Bruce Willis. John Mc Clane unknowingly bumps into Nakatomi plaza on a Christmas night. By coincidence the plaza is taken on hostage by a terrorist group. How John Mc Clane saves the day is best to be seen on silver screen. I loved the fourth part of Die-hard which had Bruce Willis fighting with Internet terrorists. This is one of my favorite action movies in this list.

4) Matrix – Matrix changed the definition of action genre. A Sci-fi movie loaded with never seen before slow motion action sequences. Directed by Wachowski brothers, Matrix set new trends in storytelling, action choreography and visual effects. The slow motion bullets, martial art fights, high octane chases made Matrix a memorable action flick. What stayed in my memory was the role of Agent Smith played by Hugo Weaving and the underrated actor Keanu Reeves in his memorable role of Neo.

5) Face/Off – I was completely blown away with the action sequences in John Woo’s flick – Face/off starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. I regard this action flick as one of my favorites because it had everything you desired in action movie.
A cop undergoes facial surgery and adopts the identity of a menacing terrorist. With the face of the terrorist, he undergoes undercover to uncover a deadly terror plot. What he doesn’t realize that the criminal has undergone facial surgery and taken his identity. John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are pitted against each other in this high octane action thriller. Filled with high octane chases and swift action sequences, Face/off is worth the ticket.

6) 300 – This is Sparta!!! Immortalized in Hollywood as one of the epic lines, 300 is legend of the fallen Spartan heroes and their King Leonidas. What separates this epic action movie from other action flicks is its sleek action choreography. Slow motion sword fights, clanking of shields, chopping of heads and blood splatter bring more realism to the action scenes. Gerard Butler shot to fame in Hollywood with the dream role of King Leonidas. With 300, director Zack Snyder created a new milestone in movie making and action genre.

7) Enter the dragon – Bruce Lee made his debut in Hollywood with Enter the Dragon that made him a legend overnight. His martial arts stunts, swiftness, adroitness fetched lots of audiences not only in foreign nations, but also in India. Bruce Lee became a cult star and his legacy was carry forwarded by Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow-Un-Fat and Tony Jaa. The most memorable scene in Enter the dragon is the climax where he single handedly knocks down several martial art henchmen.

8) Robocop – Robocop gave birth to a new breed of hero – Half human, half Robot. The 1987 sci-fi action flick became a sensation in action genre. A cop returns from dead after he is killed to death by a street gang. The mortally dead cop is resurrected as a Robot cop to take down the crime in Detroit city. How Robocop wipes the crime and settles his personal score with his enemies is best to be seen. The role of Robocop/Cop Alex Murphy is played by actor Peter Weller.

Action is worth a thousand words. Movies of action genre are very vast in Hollywood. This is my first compilation of my favorite action movies. I will definitely be coming up with a new post on my next list action movies in coming times. Hope you will definitely like this action packed article.


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