New theme on my WordPress Blog!!

How truly said – variety is the spice of life. Nothing stays constant in nature. After summer, there is monsoon, autumn and winter. Each season brings with it a new ambience. So when I was reworking on a new story, somewhere I was feeling that my imagination is not taking the flight as I had expected. Something was missing in my efforts. What was it? After brainstorming I realized that it was the look and feel of my blog that was old and needed some new colors, layouts, visuals and texture. It took me a few minutes to decide on my theme. I zeroed on the theme: 2017. It appealed my creative aesthetics.

After a long span of 3 years, my wordpress blog is ready to tell you a story in a new avatar. I had been facing a slack in my story-telling for a while. Hopefully, my friends and readers will like this new look on Prashant’s Blogworld. Along with the theme, I have also changed the tagline of my blog which says ‘And when the war is over, a butterfly will still be beautiful’. I picked this quote from Ruskin Bond’s book.

Along with writing an engrossing article, it is equally challenging to hold your audience and keep them treating with new, refreshing stories backed by a capturing blog theme. What captures the reader first is the look and feel of the blog. So, the storytelling will be more interesting, unique on my newly decorated blog.

Welcome again to my blog!! World’s best stories are here!!


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