why writing is similar to cooking? – A recipe on writing a delectable story

Writing and cooking are two different chores. While writing, all you need is pen, paper or laptop and an imaginative mind, cooking is more detailed work that requires a fine study of taste and aroma to make a delicious dish. Writing just need a little space – a writing desk and a lamp while cooking needs an enormous space – the whole kitchen that is scattered with onions, spices, flour, salt, black pepper, cooking essentials – chopping board, chopper, knives, mixer etc. To cook an interesting story, you need to be a creative foodie. A writer can’t bring flavor to a story if he hasn’t explored the outside world. More a writer travels more delicacy he can bring to a story. Imagine smelling the hot, spicy smoke emerging from a road-side Pav-Bhaji stall. It not only visually enticing, but the aroma too tantalizes the stomach.

From Dhoklas, Dosas, Tandoori Chicken to Hyderabadi Biryani, each food has its own flavor and bonds people over it. Love blossoms over a cup of coffee to progress over a candle light dinner and finally ties up in a relationship on a marriage reception. Even the writing process begins over a cup of coffee 🙂

A creative foodie is the one who not only has a taste for aromatic delicacies, but also a sense for refreshing ideas. What happens when a creative person gulps down a cup of coffee? Ideas start brewing in his mind. A writer needs to organize his thoughts like a homemaker. A homemaker gathers all the ingredients that are needed before cooking. She peels down the onion layers, chops the tomatoes, crushes the spices, adds salt and the essential elements needed to cook the food.

Right from thinking about the theme of the plot to creating characters, backdrops, situations, turning points to the grand climax, a writer has to make sure that his cooked up story is delicious enough to serve his reader. It is not necessary that a writer’s story become a best-seller. Sometimes it may turn tasteless. In case of homemaker, her food is appreciated by her family members even if there is less salt.

Additional salt can be placed in the food to balance the taste. Too much salt can ruin the taste. If you have added too many irrelevant sub-plots in your story, your reader may find the story boring. Writing and cooking both require patience. As a writer, if you have the right ingredients of ideas, you can serve a good, delectable story to your readers. What entices a reader is a good story with sensible sub-plots, memorable characters, engaging situations and a happy climax.

A story is like a dish – sweet like a dessert (ice-cream, gulab-jamun) lip-smacking like……It is up to the writer to prepare his story by keeping his favorite dish in his mind. Are you a creative foodie? What tantalizes your creative senses? Please share your ideas and tips on writing a perfect best-selling story.

(Disclaimer – The author of this article is not a celebrated Chef or possesses any skills in cooking. All the thoughts written in this article are product of author’s creative imagination. The cups of tea gulped during the pre-writing process helped him write this article. The visual imagination of the delicious ‘Pav-Bhaji’ helped him complete this article on Cooking and writing)


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  1. Zoeb says:

    A lovely and almost delicious article that equates ingeniously the many layers and nuances of cooking up sumptuous platters of tastes with that of writing stories that enchant, mesmerize and stun the readers. Your words are magical and flavorful and the points that you make about the special thought that should be devoted to both cooking and writing are very true. The work of a brilliant writer is often overlooked and it is high time since we sat up and recognized that.

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