Remembering Stephen Hawking (8th Jan 1942 – 14th March 2018)

‘If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?” – Stephen Hawking

World has lost a great genius in Stephen Hawking. His theories in field of cosmology are way ahead of times. Despite physically disabled, Stephen Hawking has proved that it takes a strong will to succeed regardless of the adversities and odds that paralyze our life. To the world, Stephen Hawking is a superhero, a role-model who created wonders in world of physics only on the strength of hope. With just a speech generating machine and a hand held switch, he gave the world his futuristic ideas on cosmology, global warming and artificial intelligence. Had it been any other person in his place, he would have crumbled down with dejection. It was Stephen Hawking who emerged unscratched despite undergoing the heartbreaking phases in his life. This article is homage to the undying spirit of hope that Stephen Hawking imbibed in every person including me.

There is not a single reader who hasn’t read ‘A brief history of time’ which was based on his lectures and notes. Recently a Hollywood movie – The Theory of everything captured the life of Stephen Hawking with his wife Jane. I was stunned with the performance of actor Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in the movie. It was not just the physical similarity to Stephen Hawking, but the sincerity, conviction and trauma that the genius underwent while suffering from motor neuron disease was portrayed realistically by actor Eddie Redmayne. Felicity Jones’ heart-touching portrayal of Jane Hawking is one more selling point which makes the movie a compelling watch.

traveling to infinity is based on Stephen hawking’s relationship with his wife Jane

The movie – The theory of everything was based on Jane Hawking’s book – Traveling to Infinity: My life with Stephen. In this book, Jane Hawking wrote about her relationship with Stephen Hawking and the tough times she faced after Stephen was paralyzed. Despite taking care of Stephen Hawking for over a decade during his times of disability, Stephen divorced Jane to start a new life with his nurse Elaine Mason. It just remains a question that why Stephen Hawking left his wife who had stood like a pillar of strength with him in his difficult times. Though Stephen Hawking and Jane reconciled later as good friends, the growing popularity of Hawking and the constant interference of people took a toll on their relationship.

The movie – theory of everything is based on Stephen hawking

Despite facing so many heartbreaking trials in life, Stephen Hawking continued his contribution towards cosmology. He had even predicted that artificial intelligence could be a threat to human race. This blog post is a just a small piece of write up, reminiscing the great genius through books, news articles, movies that were based on him. I am definitely keen to read ‘A brief history of time’ and ‘Traveling to infinity: My life with Stephen’ which will help me to get familiar with the man behind the genius.


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  1. Zoeb says:

    A lovely and stirring tribute to one of the most extraordinary and subversively intelligent thinkers and theorists of the century. By the way, Hawking was also an extremely candid and even witty person in his interactions and relationships. He even went on to sing a Monty Python song recently and even appeared on the animated sitcom ‘The Simpsons’. It shows just what this brilliant and relentlessly curious man was capable of.

    I too had watched the film recently and loved Eddie Redmayne in it. His performance matched the meticulous dedication and dramatic thrust of Daniel Day-Lewis in ‘My Left Foot’. Also, the bittersweet romance of his life comes off as very charming and poignant in equal measure. I would just like to comment that Hawking never really stopped acknowledging the nearly tireless support that his first wife gave to him and they were both really like the best of friends even after the end of their marriage.

    Brilliant article. Well done, again.

    1. prashantb says:

      Thanks for loving this article Zoeb. Honestly, I have read very less about Stephen Hawking and his contribution towards science. It was the movie – The theory of everything that helped me pen this article. Wish I had more in depth idea about Stephen hawking, the story would have been more soulful. Despite being physically challenged, he was no less than a super hero who inspired a generation. I couldn’t stop myself from writing a memoir on him. I am keen to see The theory of everything that is dedicated to Stephen Hawking. World has lost a great genius in Stephen Hawking.

  2. Prasanna Bhat says:

    Beautiful blog Prashant…nice topic explained in simple format and in depth analysis done from the heart. Stephen’s books are in my to read list but his theories are complex

    1. prashantb says:

      Hi Prasanna,

      Thanks for liking my article on Stephen Hawkings. This article was tribute to his contribution towards science.


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