Bioscopewala – A new adaptation of Tagore’s classic

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s short stories are always a subject of movie adaptations. Whether it is Chokher Bali or Kabuliwala, the stories of Tagore are inspiration for aspiring filmmakers. The upcoming 2018 Bollywood motion picture – Bioscopewala is a new adaptation of Tagore’s short story – Kabuliwala. The story is set in present times and here the Afghani’s profession is shown as a Bioscopewala.

The Pashtun Bioscopewala strikes a bond with kids by showing captivating visuals from his projector. Among the several kids, Mini is one child who reminds the Bioscopewala of his own daughter far away in his hometown. The lonesome girl and Bioscopewala share a bond of compassion. The Bioscopewala inspires her to see stories through the medium of bioscope. Unfortunately this bond of compassion is short-lived. A set of unfortunate events in city separate the Bioscopewala from his little friend Mini. Several years later, Mini sets in search of her guardian friend Bioscopewala who is now absconding from the public eye. Will Mini succeed in finding her guardian friend Bioscopewala? Rest of the movie is all about Mini’s quest to find the reasons behind the mysterious disappearance of the kind-hearted Bioscopewala who is now a convict. The story of Bioscopewala continues where the story of Kabuliwala ended. In the original story, the Kabuliwala returns home after releasing from jail. The climax is sad because Mini is unable to recognize her Kabuliwala. The new movie adaptation will see Mini’s attempt to bond back with her estranged guardian friend Rahmat Khan who she fondly called ‘Bioscopewala’. The role of Kabuliwala was portrayed by legendary actor Balraj Sahni in the 1960 movie based on Tagore’s classic. After 58 years, Tagore’s story of Kabuliwala is set in present times and will feature actor Danny Dengzopa as the Bioscopewala.

Bioscopewala is based on Tagore’s classic short story kabuliwala

What separates Kabuliwala story from other novels is its simplicity that makes it a favorite read among the readers. Tagore’s stories still weave a magic and inspire a new generation of readers every time. The trailer of Bioscopewala was so connecting in terms of nostalgia that I couldn’t resist penning my thoughts on Tagore’s upcoming movie adaptation.

Bioscopes are treasured souvenirs of childhood. They were picture palaces for kids. I cherish memories of buying small bioscope and seeing pictures by placing the reels in the device. I wouldn’t be a writer if I hadn’t enjoyed motion pictures on bioscope. If you love Tagore’s stories then you shouldn’t miss Bioscopewala.

Bioscopewala is scheduled to release this summer on 25th May 2018.


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  1. sujaman says:

    Saw Balraj Sahni as Kabuliwala and he acted brilliantly. Wl make it a point to see this Bioscopewala. Ty. Our childhood was simpler, enjoyable than tht of nowadays kids. We used to see bioscope lot when they used to show on streets taking 10ps. 🙂

    1. prashantb says:

      Thanks for your encouraging words Sujaman. Kabuliwala was a timeless story by tagore and it is been adapted in TV serials as well as movies both hindi as well as bengali. Do watch the bengali version of Kabuliwala movie. It is heart touching movie. I am keen to see Bioscopewala.

  2. ZOEB says:

    Lovely ode to Tagore, unusual and pure bonds and to bioscopes themselves. Wonderfully written and full of emotions and affection.

    1. prashantb says:

      Do watch Bioscopewala in cinemas. It is a nostalgic movie based on Tagore’s works. Very rarely we get to see Tagore’s adaptations on silver screen. Very sad to know that cheap movies like Veerey di Wedding are getting scope while a tagore’s adaptation is lost in the crowd of forgotten movies. Bioscopewala is a rare gem that cannot be missed.

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