How to overcome disturbances while reading?

Disturbances are part of life. Whether it is a phone ring, a door bell or mummy yelling for breakfast, disturbances ruin the joy of reading. Especially if you are a hardcore bookworm, you are sure to lose your patience. When it comes to reading, it is difficult to retain the interest level and link you lost in your last reading session. Our office work, project deadlines, banking work, grocery shopping and household tasks keep us away from our reading activities. Enjoying a leisure reading time is almost impossible in hectic weeks. Even weekends are packed for miscellaneous activities. Let’s discuss some solutions to overcome the disturbances and enjoy a stress-free reading session.

1] Read while traveling – Whether you are heading for office or a long distance holiday trip via railways or airplane, carry a book with you. Reading not just kills time; it makes your time count by focusing your mind towards knowledgeable stuff – fiction or non-fiction. I have read several best-sellers while traveling to office and coming back home. I had finished Louisa May Alcott’s novel – Little Women in just 2 hours while commuting to office. Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations, Lorna Doone are some of the books I read while traveling in bus. It is difficult to read if you are traveling by local trains. Compared to trains, local A.C buses are comfortable place to read while traveling. Majority of airway passengers prefer reading in airport while waiting for their flights. Traveling is a best way to enjoy reading your favorite book.

2] Disconnect from mobile devices/social networks – It is hard to suppress the temptation of sharing our eventful updates on FB and Instagram. If you are a devoted reader, you should switch off your internet connection for a while. While reading a book, make sure that you don’t have any device near you. 99% of the people’s hands automatically go towards their mobile. A book is a gateway to fantasy, imagination and memorable characters. Disconnect yourself from all the online activities to immerse in a joyful reading experience which will unleash the reader in you.

3] Ignore friends – Friends are number one distractors in our life. They are not only money borrowers, but also ruin the reading pace by inviting us on a Saturday night party or a movie. It is best to keep the mobile on a flight mode so that you don’t have to pick up any unnecessary calls while reading. Some friends are so shameless that they don’t return book even after reading.

4) Avoid the temptation of new book releases – Hard core bookworms have the addiction to check out new books on Amazon, Goodreads, Flipkart and Crossword book stores. They are so tempted by the new releases that they leave their current book midway to buy the new book. End result!! They are unable to finish either the old or the new book.

5) Small reading sessions – If you are unable to find time for reading, take a time out to read during afternoon sessions. Afternoon hours are peaceful moments to enjoy reading. The small reading sessions during afternoons will maintain the consistency of your reading pace.

6) Rent a hotel room – Renting a lodge is a convenient way to read books without any interruptions. Carry your loads of books and read it on to the content of your heart. During my holidays, I have read lots of books and watched several movies in my hotel room. Hotel rooms have that silent space which you won’t find in your home.

Sometimes too many priorities, stress can hamper your reading activity. It may happen that you won’t feel like reading. In that case, take a break from reading activity for a while. Once you return back from your break, you will find a renewed interest towards your reading activity.

Disturbances are part and parcel of life. One cannot escape it. But you can find small moments within your hectic schedule to enjoy reading. Hope these discussed suggestions may help you find the leisure time to read your bestseller minus the interruptions.

Happy Reading!!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Zoeb says:

    A wonderful guide to the bookworms who are finding it hard to get immersed in the world of books. Superb article, Prashant…

    1. prashantb says:

      Thanks for your encouraging words Zoeb

  2. sujaman says:

    Nice write up. I do read a lott and except when i am thinking abt a problem, i can read without any disturbance. Nothing can distract me, when i feel like reading… 🙂

    1. prashantb says:

      Thanks for your valuable feedback

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