Why female ghosts are so scary? – A glimpse at the spooky urban legends

Frankly speaking, I am not scared of ghosts, but shudder at the sight of female H.R. (Human resource executive) who keeps you haunting till the last round of your interview and rejects you at the last round (Reasons unknown) . Now coming back to the main topic – why female ghosts are so scary? Female empowerment is also seen in ghost world. Here too women want to dominate the spirit world. Nothing scares men more than a woman in a white saree waiting for a lift in midnight. (Why can’t the female ghosts hire an Uber or an Ola Cab?) Nowadays even cab services have their own mobile app. These female ghosts prey on lonely men in dark of night. (May be their ghost boyfriends didn’t pay for their shopping bills  ) Whatever reasons may be, these female ghosts hunt down their victims – especially cab drivers, taxi wala, a rich spoilt brat or a flamboyant superstar).

Recently I was reading a scary short story by Ruskin Bond titled ‘Wilson’s bridge’. The short story had a gothic feel and an aura of scary melancholy. The scary story is about a village girl named ‘Gulabi’ who is victim of her husband’s infidelity and commits suicide by jumping from a bridge. After that incident, the village people witness the phantom figure of Gulabi jumping from the bridge. The story takes an interesting turn when writer Ruskin Bond himself encounters Gulabi and what happens next is shocking and intriguing. The short story ‘Wilson’s bridge’ reminded me of movie – Sleepy Hollow revolving around a headless horse rider. Even writer Rudyard Kipling’s story – The Phantom Rickshaw was about a female ghost haunting her lover. I found this short gothic story very unique.

Now coming to movie section, movies like Conjuring and Ring have created a lot of buzz. The 2002 movie Ring was trending due to it unconventional storyline about a videotape. Once you watch the videotape, you are sure to die after 7 days. Before dying, the victim gets a phone call and the creepy female ghost Samara comes out of the television to hunt its victim. The movie Conjuring has created its own series – Annabelle and the upcoming ‘The Nun’. Here too the family is haunted by a ghostly entity – A scary nun and a mysterious doll named Annabelle. Even the movie Ragini MMS revolved around a female ghost. Now a new horror comedy ‘Stree’ is hitting the screens this weekend on 31st August 2018. Based on a spooky Indian urban legend, it revolves around a phantom figure of a woman who preys on men. The story is set in a small town based in Madhya Pradesh. It is a hilarious spoof with some scary jumps to keep you entertained till the intriguing climax. Actress Shraddha Kapoor’s role is kept in wraps. Is she really the ghost? It is best to be seen on the big screen.

Even movies like Chandramukhi, Bhaghmati and Madhumati had a supernatural element in it. But the scariest of all was ‘Woh Kaun thi’ starring actress Sadhna as the ghostly figure haunting Manoj Kumar during her night trips. It was loosely based on novel ‘Woman in white’ written by Wilkie Collins. There are several haunted forts, mansions, bungalows and Havelis in Rajasthan and scariest of all is the haunted fort Bhangarh. There are also some ridiculous rumors about ghosts of Rajasthani queens roaming around in Chittor fort. No one knows how much truth lies in these urban legends about the ghosts and apparitions of queens during the ancient times.

If you are scared of going to bathroom after watching a scary movie, then the fear is not about the scary female ghost but the grumpy face of your demanding boss which keeps hallucinating in your mind. Nothing is scarier than preparing power point presentation on Mondays. No wonder, Mondays are more fearful than Halloween day or Friday the 13th. Ghosts and apparitions are conjured fantasies of mind that should be restricted only to books and movies. If anything is scarier in the world, it is your mother-in-law who always comes uninvited or the relatives who appear suddenly nowhere out of the world during the examination results.


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  1. sujaman says:

    Witty article on ghosts. Realistic too. If I am allowed to say, women can be very scary….Hahaha.

    1. prashantb says:

      thanks for liking the article Sujaman. nothing is scarier than a mother-in-law and an unannounced relative during exam results 🙂

      1. sujaman says:

        Hahahah……. i ve seen either types of mom in laws. Unfortunately i dnt ve experience with my mil and relatives too…… 😀

  2. Zoeb says:

    Witty indeed and loved the part of everyday guys hallucinating about the faces of mean old bosses. Your research and comparisions are equally excellent. Well done again…

    1. Prashant says:

      Hi Zoeb,
      nothing is scarier than demanding boss, mother-in-law and unannounced relatives 🙂 thanks for liking the article

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