Baazaar – Movie Preview

‘When it is a question of money, everybody of the same religion’ – lines from novel ‘The Sialkot Saga’

The upcoming movie – Baazaar starring actor Saif Ali Khan as an ambitious trade tycoon Shakun Kothari reminded me of Michael Douglas as the scheming trader in movie 1987 Hollywood movie – Wall Street. Baazaar is a commercial movie that delves into the calculative world of trading, monetary scams, illegal funding and corrupted business tycoons. Shakun Kothari is more of antagonist, a shrewd businessman whose hunger for money can make him any cross the limits of ethics, values, honesty. A small town protégé Riaz Ahmed who idolizes Shakun Kothari is ready to cross any limits to learn the ropes of money making under the wings of his mentor. Their paths meet and hell breaks loose. Who will be the pawn and who will be the player? Will Riaz lose his integrity and conscience to indulge in seduction of money and scandals? Baazaar is set against the backdrop of stock exchange where Sensex index determines the fate of countless shareholders every second. Money, seduction, betrayal, backstabbing, scandals is what you will see in the upcoming corporate drama – Baazaar. Baazaar boasts of a big star cast which includes Radhika Apte, Chitrangada Singh and debutante Rohan Mehra as Riaz Ahmed.

‘Bada aadmi banna hai, toh line cross karni hogi’– dialogue from movie Baazaar

Money’s seduction is more lethal than a voluptuous woman. There is an old saying that money can’t buy everything. In today’s scenario, it is better to shed your tears in your Mercedes car than traveling in sweaty local trains and shabby buses. The trailer of Baazaar also reminded me of Hollywood movie – Wolf of Wall street starring Leonardo diCaprio. Years back a same movie ‘Shikhar’ was made in backdrop of construction business starring Ajay Devgan and Shahid Kapoor. It was too inspired by Wall Street. Saif Ali Khan’s character Shakun Kothari has more grey shades than Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray. It will be refreshing to see Saif unveiling his dark side after ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ and ‘Omkara’.

Baazaar looks promising as a corporate crime thriller backed by catchy dialogues, powerful performances, foot tapping music and an engrossing storyline. It is scheduled to release on 26th October 2018.


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  1. Zoeb says:

    A very thrilling and intriguing look at a movie that promises to be the equivalent of the Oliver Stone classic. I was also amazed that you mentioned Shikhar which was also a take on Wall Street. Looking forwards to this thriller and Saif Ali Khan looks promising.

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