Finding Neverland

Every person in the world craves for a magical place called ‘Neverland’. Neverland is the fictional place created by playwright J.M.Barrie in his play ‘Peter Pan’. Peter Pan is the boy who never grows up. Wish I too could stay as a boy like Peter Pan and enjoy the wonders of Neverland. As kid, our parents used to scold us by telling ‘grow up’!!!Now that we are grown up, we don’t have that reverse button to move back to merry times of childhood days.

Recently I was reading a short story by Ruskin Bond where a small kid takes refuge in the writer and spends a gem of time watching movies and collecting movie posters. Raised in a dysfunctional family, he doesn’t have anyone in whom he can confide his feelings. Author Ruskin Bond becomes his confidante and shares his hobbies and fondness. This short story reminded me of movie ‘Finding Neverland’ starring Johnny Depp as author J.M.Barrie (writer of play Peter Pan) and Kate Winslet as Sylvia Davies. After the failure of his play, playwright Barrie strikes a bond with Davies Family to recover from his financial failure. He develops a friendly bond with the widow Sylvia Davies and her four sons – George, Jack, Peter and Michael. Barrie becomes the secret confidante and companion of the four kids. This bond helps him to create the timeless play ‘Peter Pan’.

Scene from movie Finding Neverland

Inspiration comes in any form- friendship, soulmate, mentor, children, natural surroundings or even pleasant memories of the best days. For me, my Neverland is my book shelf where I get enchanted by the magical words of authors like Dickens, R.K.Narayan, Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott and Kate Douglas Wiggin. During my childhood times, I had the companionship of my maternal uncle, cousins who inspired me to read and live the life to the fullest. That moment was magical, more enchanting than Neverland. Sadly, with the untimely death of those lovely people, there was emptiness in my life. What are just left are the memories of my Neverland – the place where I spent the gem of time. The place where we spend the best of our times with our loved ones becomes Neverland. The school playground, the college campus, canteen were no less than a magical place. Weren’t they wonderful Neverlands? The moments spent in school and college comes only once in life. There is no magic want to bring back them back. Things like time machine only exist in books.

Everyone needs a close confidante to whom they can pour their heart out. For an introvert, books are his best companions. They never make him feel alone. Loneliness is a state of mind. We become lonely only when people never make us a part of their group. When you have books around you, you can never feel alone. The person who enjoys his own company is never alone and creates a magical ‘Neverland’ around his circle. After reading books of authors like Dickens, Dumas, Mark Twain, Ruskin Bond and R.K.Narayan, my life has completely changed. Their books are my constant confidantes. I always pick up ‘Great Expectations’ or ‘Little Women’ to seek some meaning or purpose in my life. That moment of reading becomes a ‘Neverland’ moment for me – A truly magical hour where imagination is more beautiful than reality. I am still in search of my Neverland, a place where there will be no restrictions, ego, chaos, misunderstandings, expectations and hatred.

Poster of movie Finding Neverland

I am thankful to actor Johnny Depp to inspire me for writing this article ‘Finding Neverland’. I have yet to see movie ‘Finding Neverland’ and ‘Peter Pan’. The ‘Neverland’ is within us. We just have to peep in our heart and mind to locate the door of Neverland. Neverland is nothing but contentment and happiness.


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  1. ZOEB says:

    A lovely and heartfelt article on a film and a situation in which it is loss and sadness in the real life that has inspired vivid fantasy. This film promises to be a stirring story of how one of the most charming fantasies was born out of despair and disillusionment. A very resonant piece Prashant.

    1. prashantb says:

      Thanks for your encouraging words Zoeb

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