Marilyn and Me – A glimpse at Monroe’s undisclosed relationship

‘Marilyn and me’ – That’s what every admirer, fan, devotee, follower and lover says about her, claiming his ownership on her emotions. In this long queue of admirers, I find myself standing last to catch a glimpse of her beauty. I got acquainted and familiar with her persona in full detail in 2006 when History channel telecasted the 1991 TV movie – ‘Marilyn and Me’ starring Sussan Griffiths as Marilyn Monroe. I was smitten by the beauty of Susan Griffith’s portrayal of Monroe. If her look-alike was so beautiful, imagine how pretty the real actress would be. This small budget TV biopic on Marilyn captured her undisclosed relationship with an American writer named Robert Slatzer. The movie starts with demise of Marilyn Monroe. A small time writer Robert Slatzer isn’t allowed entry to her funeral despite claiming that he knew Marilyn personally. He journeys backs to past when he first met the struggling actor Norma Jean (later changed her screen name as Marilyn). Robert is smitten by her open mindedness, sensuality and charm. From her struggling days, her first photo-shoot for Playboy, her infamous links with Hollywood, her stardom and her ultimate untimely demise, Robert Slatzer is lone witness to the rise of legend named ‘Marilyn’.

Marilyn Monroe’s photo with Robert Slatzer

There is so much told, written and presented about Marilyn by biographers, documentary filmmakers and Hollywood directors that one feels one knows so much about the blonde. Unfortunately no one who exactly Marilyn was? A young woman devastated by marital failures or a Hollywood sex symbol wooing for male attention. Robert Slatzer in his book – Marilyn & Me has openly revealed about his relationship with Marilyn. Was Marilyn really in relationship with a struggling writer? Was it a publicity stunt created by Robert Slatzer to gain popularity? The TV movie shows the toughest ordeal Robert has to face about being in relationship with Monroe – her mood swings, her infatuation, her traumatic abortions and her inability to handle downward phase in her stardom. Robert Slatzer even claimed that Marilyn was a victim of a political conspiracy. Till this date, Marilyn’s death is shrouded in mystery. The movie ends with Robert Slatzer gazing at Marilyn’s funeral procession among crowd. I would like to specially mention about actress Susan Griffith for portraying Marilyn flawlessly. Susan Griffith is popularly known as Marilyn’s look alike and has portrayed the blonde actress in some of other TV movies. Though Marilyn’s fans know that she had married thrice, Robert Slatzer claims to be the second husband of Marilyn. Their marriage lasted only 3 days. Robert Slatzer had even written a book ‘The life and curious death of Marilyn Monroe’ in 1974. Despite making so many claims about his secret relationship with Marilyn, Robert couldn’t give any concrete or legal evidence that Monroe personally knew him. Robert Slatzer passed away in year 2005 due to illness. To know about Robert Slatzer’s relationship with Monroe, do watch the 90’s TV movie – Marilyn and Me which throws a light on the lesser known dark events happened in love life of Monroe.


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  1. Zoeb says:

    A stirring and poignant review of what should be an intriguing tale of a controversial screen goddess through the perspective of one of her lesser known friends. You have also urged us to wonder if her untimely death was just a tragedy or something more sinister and dark about Hollywood. Well written and thoughtful to the end.

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