Uri: The inside story of India’s surgical strike

‘Yeh Naya Hindustan hai, Yeh ghar mein ghusega bhi aur maarega bhi’

A homage to the slain army officers, The upcoming patriotic movie ‘Uri’ is retelling of India’s surgical strike against the infiltrators. It was retaliation, a vengeance to settle score for the killings of 19 Indian armed officers in Uri base Camp. The teaser and the full length trailer leaves lots of patriotic goosebumps in minds of viewers. After the 1997 movie – Border and 2004’s war movie – Lakshya, ‘Uri’ promises lots of action, intense emotions and powerful direction. The scenes in the trailer will remind you of Hollywood patriotic flicks like ‘Zero Dark thirty’, ‘Black Hawk Down’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

The preview of Uri movie was so inspiring that I had to get back to writing table to convey what I feel as an Indian when an infiltrator strikes our homeland. Be it 1965, 1971 or 1999, India’s calmness has been misquoted and taken lightly. Whenever such infiltrations took place, Indian army has retaliated against the cowardly attacks of infiltrators. India still remembers the selfless sacrifice of brave soldiers like Captain Manoj Pandey and braveheart soldier Vikram Batra who were one man army against the enemy. The attack on Uri camp was sudden, spontaneous and horrific – killing 19 brave army officers on the spot. The attack on Uri base Camp was condemned. What moved me to tears is the scene where a little girl is saluting her martyred father for the last time. Imagine what trauma that little girl must have gone through after losing her braveheart father. This is the part that really shook me and I knew I cannot stop till I have told this story.

Scene from movie Uri

On September 29th, the retaliation took place. The new term ‘Surgical strike’ was coined. Indian army’s retaliation struck a terror in heart of enemies and made the nation proud. ‘Uri’ movie is all about what happened exactly after the Uri attack and what investigation took place to avenge the death of brave Indian army officers.

‘How’s the josh? High sir’ !!! – lines from movie ‘Uri’

Actor Vicky Kaushal plays a battle hardened army officer Vihaan Shergill who won’t sit quiet till he has avenged the killings of the army officers in Uri camp. He leads the team of battalion and how his braveheart team strikes back forms the rest of the story. Actress Yami Gautam is playing an investigative intelligence officer who goes beyond the call of duty to find out the clues behind the attacks happened in Uri. The cast boasts of power house performers like Mohit Raina and Paresh Rawal. Vicky Kaushal’s power house role as an aggressive army officer reminded me of Sunny Deol in movie ‘Border’. ‘Uri’ is sure to inspire the movie viewers and retell the untold story of India’s surgical attack.

‘We will get our revenge for the blood loss with blood’

Scheduled to release on 11th January 2019, ‘Uri’ is homage to the brave soldiers who are the real heroes of our nation.


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  1. Zoeb says:

    This sounds like a gritty tale of patriotism and I hope it is objective and accurate in its depiction. Thank you for this intriguing preview of what should be a stirring and rousing war film about a real life heroic mission.

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