Braveheart (1995) – legend of a forgotten patriot

Movie – Braveheart
Director – Mel Gibson
Cast – Sophie Marceau and Mel Gibson as Scottish patriot William Wallace
Music composer – James Horner

‘Every man dies, not everyone really lives’ – quote from movie ‘Braveheart’

Today while I was leafing through the new book – legend of suheldev written by author Amish tripathi, I found the story of the outlaw suheldev similar to Scottish patriot William Wallace in movie Braveheart. This 1995 patriotic Hollywood movie was center of attention during the academy awards in 1996.

Mel Gibson as the outlaw William Wallace

Like the Indian patriot suheldev, William Wallace assembles a group of outlaws and rebels against the tyrannical king Edward who has brought Scotland under his control. An innocent farmer William Wallace is forced to take weapons in his hand when his wife is murdered by Edward’s corrupt and lusty soldiers. William retaliates by killing the soldiers of Edward. Thus begins the legend of rebel William Wallace who inspires an entire nation to rise against the cruel emperor Edward. The patriotic biopic highlights the important events in life of William right from his rise as rebel to his final execution due to a betrayal. Even after his martyrdom, the patriotic spirit of Wallace breathes a new hope in the Scottish people to revolt against slavery and injustice. Braveheart is one of the best motion pictures that I highly recommend and cherish. Even the 2019 South movie – sye raa narsimha reddy featuring chiranjeevi was inspired by Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. Sadly the biopic on narsimha reddy went unnoticed. While penning the draft of this write up, the idea of paying tribute to patriot narsimha reddy is sure to get published on this blog.

The music composition by Hollywood music director James Horner brings patriotic goosebumps to ears of audience. If you like watching historical movies or biopics, then I highly recommend watching the 1995 Oscar winning movie – Braveheart.

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  1. Sujata says:

    This article of yours reminded me of Paan Singh Tomar. Well …. the similarity ends with putting up a fight against system. I need not tell you abt PST. You know. But somehow my heart goes out for PST for all his struggles and ending up like that. Though he was 7 times steeplechase champion and represented country at Asian Games, he never got the recognition he truly deserves. God knows how many unsung heroes are there like that!

    1. prashantb says:

      Thanks for your encouraging words Sujata. I have even written a article on Tomar in my blog. Rebels are called baaghi in northern India. No doubt Tomar was a Braveheart.

  2. Sujata says:

    Yes Prashant . I remember reading that blog of yours. That is on Paan Singh Tomar. 😊

    1. prashantb says:

      Thanks for reading. Glad to know you remember it.

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