Does the armour of Karna still exists? – An unsolved Mahabharata secret

The epic story – Mahabharata is subject of research for many writers, movie makers, archaeologists and historical researchers. The most baffling secret in Mahabharata is the existence of the warrior Ashwatthama, the son of Guru Drona who was cursed by Lord Krishna to stay immortal. Researchers and historians speculate that Ashwatthama still lives on. Ashwatthama was the sole witness to the rise and fall of Kauravas and the mighty Karna. Karna was greater than Arjuna in every aspect. His only flaw was that he was born in a low caste family of charioteer. He was abandoned by his own mother Kunti. Had Kunti disclosed the secret of Karna to Pandavas, Karna would have survived. Ironically, Karna was on Kauravas side. His fate was sealed the day he joined hands with Duryodhana. There were several books written on Karna. The most miraculous part about Karna’s legend was his Kavach (armor) and Kundal (earring). There is a myth associated to Karna’s armor and earring. People still believe that his armor and earring still exist.

Image of Surya Putra Karna (Pic courtesy : Vimanika Comics)

Had Karna not given his armour to Lord Indra, Arjuna wouldn’t have survived. Karna was immortal due to his armor and hence he was Mrityunjay. A 2006 fantasy movie – Naksha was based on search for Karna’s armor. Two step brothers come together to search for the map that would lead them to Karna’ armour. They have to safeguard that armor before it falls in hands of wrong people. Initially I found it a fantasy story or a writer’s imagination to make mythology stories interesting. The movie ‘Naksha’ may have some fictional elements but the source is inspired by Mahabharata’s secret. Even Alexander the great had come to India in search for an immortal element. Was he searching for Karna’s armour?

Karna was a great daanveer. He never left any poor empty handed. Even Lord Krishna praised Karna for his generosity and charitable nature. Unfortunately, Karna’s charitable nature proved fatal for him. Lord Indra disguised himself as Brahmin and asked for alms in early morning. When Karna asked what he wished to have as alms, the brahmin asked for armor and earring as alms. Karna realized that this brahmin was none other than Lord Indra. Without any hesitation, Karna generously gave his armour and earring as alms to Lord Indra. Before going to heaven, Lord Indra had hidden the armor and earring in Himalayas. Indra was aware of the power of armour and earring and if it fell in hands of evil people, it can cause destruction to mankind. Even today, everyone is clueless about the location of Karna’s armor and earring in the whole world. There are some theories that Lord Indra had hidden Karna’s Kavach and Kundal in Konark (temple of Sun God) while there are assumptions that the armor is hidden in Himalayan caves and is protected by Takshak Naga. The assumptions and speculations are laid to rest as there is no evidence of Karna’s armor and earring in India or any part of world. Did Lord Indra return to heaven with the armor and earring? Modern thinkers reject Mahabharata story as a real legend. If Mahabharata is fictional then Ashwatthama should also be imaginary. Ashwatthama was the only person who actually met Karna. If Ashwatthama exists, then Karna’s legend is also real and so the existence of his armor and earrings. Do you still think the story behind Karna’s armor is a myth?  


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  3. after reading this I got something new to know! really, you did a great job! keep it up Dr. Sahb!!!!!

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