On my bookshelf: The Count of Monte Cristo

“Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words – Wait and hope”.

Alexandre Dumas’ classic – The Count of Monte Cristo has been on my book shelf for past 19 years and continues to enamor me with its gripping storyline. I recollect buying an old copy of this book in 2002 from a bookstore and entering a new world of imagination. Betrayal was never so hard-hitting and brutal. Inspired by a true story, an honest, innocent sailor named Edmond Dantes is arrested on charges of political conspiracy on the day of his wedding. Never did he realize that his youthful ambitions, hopes and aspiration for a happy life will be shattered by three of his enemies.

The original book – the count of Monte Cristo

Set during the times of Napoleon Bonaparte, this historical thriller/adventure novel is saga of a man hell bent to settle score with the three adversaries who destroyed his life. Envied by his fellow ship mate, hated by his fiancé’s cousin and betrayed by a corrupt official, Edmond Dantes is trapped in a maze of conspiracies from where there is no way out. He is deported to a dark prison named Chateau d’If to rot for eternity. He is confined to a dark cell where depression, fatigue and death awaits him. Edmond is on the threshold of death when a fellow prison mate named Father Faria motivates him to live, escape and destroy the three enemies. A treasure to Monte Cristo gives Edmond the will and strength to create a new alter ego: The Count and trace down all the culprits and bring them to justice. Recently I was watching the 2002 movie adaptation of the book where Jim Caviezel played Edmond Dantes who is framed for crime he didn’t commit. Some creative liberties have been taken in the movie adaptation to make it more entertaining. I had read the adapted version of the book published by Moby Books Publication where unnecessary subplots had been omitted. The original book is longer than the adapted version. I am keen to grab my copy of the original version and delve deep into the pages of this thrilling book. Even Jeffrey Archer’s book – The Prisoner of birth is heavily inspired from this Dumas’ classic.

Jim caviezel as Edmond Dantes in 2002 movie adaptation

Every time, I read this book, I discover a new perspective towards life. It shows the hard ironies of life and how one can overcome the obstacles of life with his will power and hope. I have lost the count of my reading sessions of this historical classic. If you love periodical dramas and historical novels power packed with action, romance, deception and suspense, then I highly recommend reading – The Count of Monte Cristo.


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