Is re-incarnation theory believable?

Can a person be reborn again? Is there a life after death? For rational minded people, theory of reincarnation may be absurd, but it is happened in several countries all over the world. The most popular case was the story of Shanti Devi, a girl who knew about her past life. This case caught the media attention and was highly popularized in TV and newspapers. How could a small girl know about her past life is beyond the logic and common sense. According to Bhagavad-Gita, the spiritual text narrated by Lord Krishna, soul cannot be destroyed. It is immortal.

There are several cases of reincarnation in mythology. Goddess Sati burnt herself when she couldn’t tolerate the criticism and insult made by her father Daksha on Lord Shiva. Though she died, she was reborn again as Goddess Parvati. Even in Mahabharata, a princess named Amba committed suicide by burning herself so that she could be reborn again to seek vengeance of Bhishma, the grand patriarch of Kauravas. It is also been said that Rishi Valmiki, the author of Ramayana was reborn as Tulsidas to continue his devotion towards Lord Rama. The great freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil believed in reincarnation theory and his wish was that he should be hanged soon so that he could take 100 births to free his nation from Britishers.

Call it a cryptic coincidence or not- Enzo Ferrari the founder of the car brand ‘Ferrari’ died in 1988 and was reborn in same year as Mesut Ozil in Germany. There is no connection between these two guys and their family. Their physical resemblance is so similar that it is difficult to believe in such theory of reincarnation.

Enzo ferrari was reborn as Mesut Ozil

Hollywood’s popular movie – Reincarnation of Peter Proud is one of the most highly viewed movies on theory of rebirth. The character ‘Peter Proud’ is reborn to seek vengeance against a woman who killed him in his previous life. The woman is none other than his wife. Even the 80’s Bollywood movie – Karz was remake of ‘Reincarnation of Peter Proud’ and popularized the concept of rebirth in an entertaining way. Later dozens of movies were made on theory of reincarnation. The 1992 movie – Dracula was also based on reincarnation where a knight named Vlad the Impaler resurrects again to reunite with his love interest who is reborn as Mina Harker. The Vlad Impaler is none other than Dracula who will go to any length to get his bride back. The role of Mina Harker was played by actress Winona Ryder. The 2017 movie – Raabta was based on star-crossed lovers who are born again to clash with an enemy from their previous life. Movies like Hameshaa, Audrey Rose, The Fountain, Magadheera were based on rebirth.

There was even a TV show based on reincarnation telecasted on NDTV entertainment channel.  In the TV show, celebrities underwent a past life therapy to connect with their previous lives. Was is it a real past life therapy or were celebrities just acting? No one ever knew it.

Since I believe in spiritualism and theory of reincarnation, I picked up a book – Reincarnation: True cases of children who lived before. Written by Trutz Hardo, the book gives a glimpses on several cases of reincarnation happened with children in several nations. How could children recollect the memories of their past life? Are they blessed with supernatural powers? Are they possessed by some supernatural energy? This topic is so vast that all the mysteries of nature cannot be understood in one lifetime. This blogpost is the first part in topic of reincarnation. I am keen to bring more stories on rebirth and past life theory in my coming blog post


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