Dragonfly : A glimpse at the supernatural phenomena

Supernatural themes have always fascinated me. What happens to people when they die? Do they make their presence felt? William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet explored the supernatural theme in its plot. A deceased father tries to connect with his son, the prince Hamlet, and gives him clues about his suspicious death. Hamlet remains one of the world’s greatest plays, shedding light on concepts such as ghosts and spirits. Even Rudyard Kipling’s short story, The Phantom Rickshaw, revolved around the apparition of a woman who seeks to connect with her unfaithful lover.

The 2002 Hollywood movie, Dragonfly is a supernatural movie that dealt with elements of spirits with an emotional touch. A physician struggling to overcome the grief of losing his wife in an accident is losing himself at work.
Though he keeps himself engrossed in his medical service, he can’t take out the memories of his wife from his mind. Suddenly, he starts getting signals from the other side of the world through the medium of his patients. He feels that his deceased wife is trying to connect with him by creating paranormal situations.

When he is convinced that the spirit of his wife is eager to convey an important message, he embarks on the site of the accident where his wife died. He later discovers that his wife was pregnant at the time of the accident and had luckily survived. Though she died a few days later, she had given birth to a baby girl with the symbol of a dragonfly on her arm. This is what the doctor’s wife was trying to convey through her supernatural actions. It has been said that a dragonfly, an insect, is like a messenger conveying the existence of a deceased person to their loved ones. No one knows how much truth lies in the theory. Even the 1990’s movie Ghost, starring Demi Moore, was based on the same premise where her dead husband is trying to connect with his wife. It also had a suspense element where the spirit of the dead husband is looking to seek vengeance on the person who killed him. Movies like “Jack Frost,” “Neel Kamal,” “20/20,” and “Raaz were based on supernatural themes. What lies beneath was a highly engrossing supernatural revolving around the apparition of a college student hell-bent on exacting vengeance on her assailant. The 2010 supernatural movie: Charlie St. Cloud is based on a character named Charlie, who survives miraculously in an accident and has the power to meet the spirit of his younger brother every day. This movie, too, is emotional in its storyline and has themes of the supernatural.

Though there are dozens of movies on supernatural themes, the movie “Dragonfly” had an emotional touch to the storyline. It was not actually scary, but made viewers think about theories like after-life, apparitions, and souls. Do you believe in supernatural elements like ghosts or apparitions? Is there an afterlife concept? Only nature has the key which will lead you to the answers.

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  1. Sujata says:

    Afterlife theory is truth I think. Especially when people still ve something to convey, had something unsaid, undone.
    I am unable to find your blog on Aghanjar Mahadev temple. Ve u deleted it?

    1. prashantb says:

      The blog post on mahadev temple will be published again with more information and pics. It needs editing. Anyways thanks for your comments.

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