‘some books are so familiar, reading them is like being home again’

I was bitten by the reading bug since childhood. From comics, magazines to fiction novels I set my eyes on all types of reading stuff. Writing is like composing music and keyboard is like the piano. Melody comes in writing only when you feel music within you. If you can’t enjoy your write up, so can’t your readers. If you want to become a successful writer, you have to fall in love with your words like Raj fell in love with Simran in movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le jayenge. Writing a story is like creating something out of nothing. That passion for stories inspired me to become a writer. I am indebted to Mark twain, Dickens, Alcott for bringing out the writer in me.

Happy writing

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  1. nikhil hake says:

    plz.send my (email id) summary of this book.

  2. sijan gauli says:

    good luck for ur future

  3. Praveen Pai says:

    Prashant @ u r blog looks amazing……its simple yet so impressive. I read your column on ” Completing 7 years in world of writing ” & it explains a lot about you as a person. Yes, you are not only blessed with the art of writing but also blessed with beautiful thoughts……..Kindly continue driving your passion ……am sure you’ll gain a lot of recognition in the coming years……All the best & GOD bless !!!

  4. Hi Prashant, your blog is good, and i read some articles which are really heart touching… I do posts from now onwards 🙂

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