Hey let me introduce myself, Iam Prashant and my medium of earning butter and bread is writing.
For me writing is not just a profession, it is a passion. If you want to know yourself more deeply, there is no better way than writing. Writing a blog or a diary would be a better way to record your thoughts and I’ve been following it for past 9 years by writing my diary. This blog is a fresh medium where I could write freely without any restrictions or deadlines. Since my area of interests are movies, spiritualism, history, novels, I prefer to pour that ideas on piece of paper and word documents. I will feel blessed if I can bring a smile on anyone’s face with light hearted, informative and factual articles.Hope u would love my blog. If you like my copy, please do comment.I will keep posting my articles on writing,creativity, friendship, love, life etc. If you want to give your suggestions, you can mail me at paru_786@indiatimes.com. Would love to know your suggestions.


4 Replies to “About”

  1. Prashant @ u r blog looks amazing……its simple yet so impressive. I read your column on ” Completing 7 years in world of writing ” & it explains a lot about you as a person. Yes, you are not only blessed with the art of writing but also blessed with beautiful thoughts……..Kindly continue driving your passion ……am sure you’ll gain a lot of recognition in the coming years……All the best & GOD bless !!!

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