The unsung story of Batman’s real creator

Do you know who gave the title ‘The dark knight’ to Batman? It was Bill Finger the un-credited co-creator who breathed life into Batman comics through his engaging storylines and engrossing artwork. Majority of DC comics readers know that it was Bob Kane who is credited for creating Batman. Even in the Batman movies, Bob Kane is acknowledged. The fact is that Bob Kane never gave credit to Bill Finger for the creation and massive success of Batman comics. He stole the limelight and recognition that Bill really deserved for. Sadly Bill Finger died anonymous and penniless in 1974.

It was Bill who wrote the first Batman story and the next Batman adventures for 25 years. Right from designing the Bat costume to creating Gotham city, bat vehicle & other characters like Robin and the iconic villain – Joker, Bill was the sole creator of Batman series. Despite putting so much effort, Bill Finger was just reduced to remain a ghost-writer of Batman comics. Bob Kane cunningly sidelined Bill Finger and labeled himself as the sole creator of Batman comics. After the death of Bill Finger, all the monetary privileges were given to a far off partner of Bill Finger’s son.

It was Marc Tyler Nobleman, a writer who brought the tragic story of Bill Finger in light and gave him the deserved fame he truly owed. Marc even traced the granddaughter of Bill Finger and helped her get the monetary rights of her grandfather’s work.

Front cover of the graphic novel based on Bill Finger

To know more about Bill Finger, do read the graphic novel – Bill the boy wonder: the secret co-creator of Batman. This graphic novel has been penned by Marc Tyler Nobleman. I applaud the efforts of Marc Tyler Nobleman to bring the story of Bill Finger in light. It was Bill Finger who gave wings to Batman but sadly he remained an anonymous creator. Though Bob Kane had recognized Bill Finger as a major contributor behind Batman comics in his official autobiography – Batman and me, it is surprising that why Bill Finger was never given the recognition as the co-creator in Batman movies.

I had read this story about Bill Finger in Chicken Soup series on writers. This short article by Marc Tyler Nobleman on Bill Finger inspired me to write this blog post on the brainchild behind the Batman. I empathized with this story because I know what a writer feels when his work is featured without giving him any written acknowledgement. I too have written articles for which I never got any credit I truly deserved for. Bill Finger’s story is not only heart-breaking, tragic but also eye-opening for those thousands of creative people who remain anonymous behind the greatest works.


Wonder Woman – Movie Preview

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world’ – Marilyn Monroe

Gal Gadot as the amazon princess in the 2017 action movie – Wonder Woman

Looks like this quote is well applicable for Hollywood actress Gal Gadot as she steps in the shoes of the popular DC comic character – Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie adaptation. When Gal Gadot made a cameo appearance as Wonder Woman in the 2016 movie – Batman VS Superman: Dawn of justice, she took my attention and I knew this girl is going to rock. The way she made her entry in the climax as Wonder Woman, I knew she was born for this role. A born warrior, Wonder Woman is a fusion of beauty and courage.

This beautiful amazon princess who is rumored to be daughter of God Zeus is brought up by her mother Hippolyta. The plans of making a stand-alone movie on Wonder Woman was in the news for several years until director Zack Snyder decided to helm the project with Gal Gadot in the lead role. There were several top notch actresses in talks to play the role of amazon princess until it went to Gal Gadot. Even top names like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox,Catherine Zeta Jones and Priyanka Chopra were considered for this role. I guess the lady luck was in favor of Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot’s energetic presence gives an edge to her role as Wonder Woman. I had the same gut feeling about Christian Bale when I saw him for the first time in the Batman Begins promotional poster. I knew he was born to portray the dark knight with conviction.

Also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira, this warrior goddess rescues an American military pilot Steve Trevor and joins hands with the pilot to stop the world war. Though Wonder Woman may be a fiction super heroine/warrior goddess, the inspiration of creating this character is drawn immensely from Indian mythology.

Before Wonder Woman made her appearance in the comics’ world, Indian mythology already had Devi Durga, the supreme Goddess who took various avatars to destroy the demonic race. Thus the roots and origin of Wonder Woman is hidden in the books of Hindu mythology. With a lasso, sword and shield as her weapon Gal Gadot will be seen stopping the world war in the 2017 as the bold and beautiful ‘Wonder Woman’.

Gal Gadot will be seen portraying Wonder Woman again in Justice League which is scheduled to release in November 2017. DC is all set to release the 2017’s most awaited super hero movie – Wonder Woman in June 2017. The big screen is ready for the arrival of Wonder Woman worldwide.